Timeless Virginia Pharmacy Provides Exceptional Care Through Online Presence and Health Clinics

WilliamsonHughes Pharmacy in Harrisonburg, Virginia has been providing superior healthcare since the 1890s. Throughout history, WilliamsonHughes has employed everyone, from dieticians to naturalists, in an effort to provide the most relevant health services for the people of Harrisonburg. John Bell, Pharm.D., at WilliamsonHughes, says the key to his pharmacy’s century of success is the personal, familial relationships the staff forms with patients and customers.

“Personal relationships are your best bet for marketing,” said Bell, “and developing relationships with patients and doctor’s offices alike will set you apart from the competition.” WilliamsonHughes serves patients whose families have been loyal to the pharmacy for generations; a testament to the long-lasting power of caring pharmacist-patient relationships.

Bell believes that online presence is important when developing and maintaining those relationships. “We’ve had new patients come in just because they read positive reviews of our pharmacy online,” said Bell. Going digital has also increased patient adherence at WilliamsonHughes.  With their website and mobile application, patients can order or refill prescriptions with a few simple clicks.

hughesBell also differentiates his pharmacy by offering free walk-in health clinics twice a month. To provide more comprehensive patient care, WilliamsonHughes became CLIA certified and now offers testing for blood glucose, hemoglobin, and cholesterol levels to everyone in Harrisonburg. Bell has noticed that these bi-monthly clinics increase patient retention and satisfaction. His patients appreciate the free and convenient health checkups.  

Over the years WilliamsonHughes’s staff, location, and clientele have changed but their mission remains a priority. You can hear the sincerity in Bell’s voice when he talks about the pharmacy’s purpose. “We offer professional, cost-effective, and compassionate solutions to patient’s healthcare needs,” said Bell. Through exceptional care and service, WilliamsonHughes has become a timeless healthcare provider and staple of the Harrisonburg community.