Utah’s First Compounding Pharmacy Goes Digital

When Jolley’s Sandy Pharmacy opened in 1954 it was the state’s only compounding pharmacy at the time. The current owners, brothers Ryan and Troy Johansen, purchased the pharmacy in 2006 from Marty Jolley, who had inherited the store from his father. The Johansen’s kept the pharmacy name because of its strong reputation in the community.

Jolley’s foundation is still deeply rooted in compounding today. “The nice thing about compounding is that if patients have unique needs beyond traditional formulations then we can serve them as well. That’s our forte here.” Ryan explained. “For example we provide drugs that meet special needs for children that may not be available commercially in the right dose or form. We also specialize in hormone therapies that have unique dosage requirements prescribed by physicians. Since doses can change often, compounding makes a lot of sense in these cases. According to Ryan, compounding “gives both physicians and patients more options to meet their healthcare needs.”

“A handful of patients will come into the pharmacy, notice the compounding lab in the back of the store, and ask, “Are you guys are still doing that? I thought that was something that was happening 80 years ago”. Ryan asserts that “in the last ten years, compounding has really taken off for them. Not just in their pharmacy, but across the country, as more and more physicians are recognizing the value of compounding and what it can do for their patients.”

“We want to get customers into our store to get the Jolley’s Pharmacy experience. When the patient experiences great service they tell their friends and that word of mouth is everything. That’s why we also provide extras like free delivery service to our patients.”

“We also know that in the new digital age, the more people who are familiar with the pharmacy, whether through Facebook or our website, the more people will come into our pharmacy and our excellent service will set us apart from the competition. We chose RxWiki’s Digital Pharmacist platform because it was an all-in-one solution and had everything we needed including information on compounding written for patients, a mobile friendly website, mobile app and social media services at an affordable price.”

See how RxWiki’s Digital Pharmacist platform can help your pharmacy.

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