Washington Community Pharmacy Gets Award From City

Like most community pharmacies, Twin Harbor Drug in Westport, Washington is a mainstay of the community. But this pharmacy in particular has taken serving the community to a whole new level - so much so that the owner and pharmacist on staff received an award from the city.

Jack Jones has owned Twin Harbor Drug for over 50 years – making it a true staple to the small fishing town of Westport (about 110 miles southwest of Seattle). Jack explains “we’re the only pharmacy in the whole town, so I know about 95% of the people who come in and out.” He isn’t exaggerating about being the only drug store in town – the next one is at least 25 miles away, making it no surprise that this town of ~2,500 people is dependent on Twin Harbor Drug.

Leslie Eichner, Executive Director for the local Chamber of Commerce gave even more insight into what the pharmacy has meant to the community. Leslie explained that their local grocery store went out of business, meaning there wasn’t another supermarket within a 25 mile radius. Jack took matters into his own hands. “He cleared out a whole section of the drugstore to fill it with groceries. He would drive, sometimes twice a day, to Olympia to bring back trailers full of fresh groceries and meat for his community.”

Jack and and the pharmacy went out of their way to provide necessities to people who may not have had the means to do so otherwise. Which is exactly why the city awarded him Mayor’s Certificate of Recognition for Service to the Community. Now the local grocery store is back, but Twin harbor Drug still keeps grocery staples in stock for convenience.

Twin Harbor Drug also believes in serving their patients online. Jack explained that having the pharmacy on RxWiki’s Digital Pharmacist platform “makes us seem more ‘uptown.’ In time most refills will be digital rather than called in, which makes a website and app the way to go. We get positive comments from people saying that they prefer refilling online rather than relying on calling in their medications.”

To learn more about the app and website that Twin Harbor Drug is using to serve their community, contact us.

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