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Digital Pharmacist Transforms Patient Communications With Launch of Rx Confer

Digital Pharmacist Transforms Patient Communications With Launch of Rx Confer

Digital Pharmacist’s new Rx Confer platform drives revenue for pharmacies while increasing the effectiveness of patient communications.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, October 15, 2020: Today, Digital Pharmacist (digitalpharmacist.com), a pharmacy-focused software company, launched a new proprietary product, Rx Confer, to enhance the pharmacy-patient relationship. Rx Confer replaces Digital Pharmacist’s secure 2-way messaging product as its main digital communications platform.

Rx Confer gives pharmacists tools to increase revenue, improve adherence, and reduce their workload. With Rx Confer, pharmacists can conduct real-time conversations with patients one-on-one and in groups on a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform that protects private health information. The new platform has been designed to simplify pharmacy workflows and streamline outreach tasks with a user-friendly interface. Rx Confer also strives to drive patient retention, identifying service opportunities through a state-of-the-art clinical algorithm.

“Rx Confer was designed from the ground up to be the pharmacy communications platform of the future,” Dustin Humphreys, CEO of Digital Pharmacist, commented. “It has a broad range of pharmacy-specific capabilities from clinically targeting patients and improving PDC measures to bulk messaging and even sending a happy birthday note to multiple customers at once — all with a single keystroke.”

The Rx Confer platform is the result of research conducted on use cases of Digital Pharmacist’s secure 2-way messaging product, which was launched in September 2019. Digital Pharmacist examined data from hundreds of pharmacy clients that adopted the messaging product and the thousands of messages sent to patients within the first year of launch. Working from research results, Digital Pharmacist built an updated solution that helps pharmacies grow by streamlining communications and nurturing relationships with their patients.

Digital Pharmacist has helped pharmacies communicate with patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. With secure messaging, streamlined workflows, and data-driven clinical targeting capabilities, Digital Pharmacist’s Rx Confer is an all-in-one digital tool for pharmacy growth.

To take advantage of the Rx Confer platform and learn more about Digital Pharmacist, please visit digitalpharmacist.com or call 877-959-7550.

About Digital Pharmacist

Digital Pharmacist offers a comprehensive HIPAA-compliant digital engagement suite to over 5,000 pharmacies across 7,500 locations. The company’s goal is to transform the way pharmacies do business.

Digital Pharmacist’s all-in-one platform combines cloud-based communication and adherence solutions with digital marketing and management, integrating with over 70 pharmacy management systems. The company also powers the Cardinal Health Pharmacy Marketing Advantage Program, enabling patients to get the help they need via self-service and automated platforms.

A partner of the National Community Pharmacists Association, Digital Pharmacist gives pharmacies the tools to increase business growth and stand out from the competition.

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