Preparing For 2018: A Year End Reflection

Self-reflection is not only vital to your personal life, but it’s also important for your business. Learning to capitalize on your strengths and improve your weaknesses is key in progressing in both your personal and professional life.

One of the best methods to review how 2017 went is to ask yourself a few questions. These questions range from accomplishments, lessons, memories, and challenges as well as questions to help you reflect on what skills you have acquired throughout the year and how you can do better moving forward.

To help you reflect on 2017, we have listed 15 questions for you. (Note: These questions can serve for both personal and business purposes)

  1. The most important goal that I achieved this year was:
  2. This year, I learned the following about myself:
  3. My biggest career accomplishment this year was (career, fitness, etc):
  4. The skills and knowledge I acquired this year:
  5. A big mistake that I made this year—and the lesson that I learned as a result—was:
  6. An obstacle that I overcame this year:
  7. This year, I learned the following about myself:
  8. The most fun I had all year was when:
  9. My best memory of the year was:
  10. What do I want to do more of next year?
  11. What do I want to do less of next year?
  12. One time I stood up for myself this year was:
  13. The most time-saving trick I learned this year:
  14. I am most grateful for the following this year:
  15. If I could travel back to the beginning of the year, here is the advice I would give myself:

Now that you have reflected on 2017, now you can welcome 2018 with open arms!

Stay tuned for next week’s feature on 5 ways to bring your pharmacy business forward in 2018.

See you in 2018!