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6 Ideas for Mother’s Day at Your Pharmacy

Last updated Apr 30, 2024 | Pharmacy Management, Pharmacy Marketing

Mother’s Day 2024 is right around the corner on Sunday, May 14th, so now is the time to find ways to make moms feel special at your pharmacy this year!

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Mother’s Day Ideas for Your Pharmacy

As the third-largest retail holiday in the US, Mother’s Day is a great marketing opportunity. However, keep in mind that your campaigns should not be just about driving sales. Mother’s Day is a chance to pay homage to the special moms that fill your pharmacy – both your patients and your team. Check out the ideas we have compiled below for a thoughtful and tasteful Mother’s Day at your pharmacy.

1) Be Inclusive & Sensitive

different kinds of moms

Before planning a Mothers Day event or campaign, remember that there are many types of mothers – adopted moms, step-moms, dog moms, etc. Think through your verbiage and make sure to be inclusive of all the mamas out there!  Mother’s Day can also be a sad day for some. For women who have lost a child, cannot have children, or children that have lost a mother – it’s important that we think through all scenarios when deciding how to celebrate the day in the pharmacy. Some companies that have expansive Mother’s Day campaigns have even started providing their audience with an opt-out option for Mother’s Day communications.

2) Partner With Other Local Businesses


Holidays are a great time to partner with other local businesses. Partnering with businesses allows you to drive more foot traffic to your pharmacy, while also providing an extra service to your customers. Now you may be thinking, how do I choose who to partner with? Think of companies that are local favorites for moms and invite them to join you in sponsoring a special Mother’s Day offering or event at your pharmacy. Below are some ideas below to help spark your thought:

-Offer free coffee from a local coffee shop. 

-Have a florist come set up a pop-up tent outside your pharmacy and sell flower arrangements. 

-Sell Mother’s Day baked goods from a local bakery.

-Charcuterie boards are all the rage! Have a vendor create pre-made cheese boards for Mother’s Day gatherings. 

-Partner with a boutique to host a pop-up shop at your location with last-minute gifts. 

-Give moms some free pampering by having a makeup artist or beauty product vendor come give samples of their products or services.

3) Tailor Your IVR/ VoIP System for Mother’s Day


With Vow IVR, our clients have a great tool to easily send out Mother’s Day communications.  With automated outbound calls and text messages, you can easily send out mass communications on any discounts, events, or just to share a simple “Happy Mother’s Day” message! Your greetings and on-hold messages can also be customized to make sure to communicate with the same message to your incoming callers.

4) Offer Discounts or a Giveaway

sales and discounts

Moms love a good freebie or discount  – something fun to celebrate them! This allows moms to save a little money when shopping for themselves or their own families this week. Here are a few fun ideas for Mother’s Day themed discounts and giveaways:

-Have a discount wheel for customers (ie: moms) to spin.

-Offer a BOGO discount on greeting cards.

-Raffle off a gift basket benefitting a local charity. 

-Have a social media giveaway encouraging likes & shares on your page.

-Pharmacies with an online store can offer a discount code for online purchases.

5) Show Moms Some Love on Social Media


Social media is one of the easiest ways to communicate your Mother’s Day messages. Additionally, many of the ideas above can reach a broader audience with the help of social media. Tools – such as Canva – offer a wide variety of Mother’s Day templates that can be used exactly as it is, or easily customized to fit your needs. Below are some ideas to get you started:

– Have a photo contest and encourage customers to send in pictures with their moms. You can then share these images on social media!

– Share photos of the moms on your team

– Share posts from a local women’s shelter or non-profit organization and encourage donations 

– Spotlight any Mother’s Day discounts, events, or specials 

– Share a photo of your store’s Mother’s Day display and list your popular offerings

-Post a “Mother’s Day Reminder” the day before the holiday highlighting last-minute cards and gift ideas. 

Lastly, if you need assistance with your social media campaigns, our Digital Marketing team is here to help. With customized messaging delivered to your audience, they will make sure all your holiday social posts are covered.

6) Appreciate Moms on Your Team

care icon

While making sure your customers feel the love this Mother’s Day, be sure not to forget the mamas on your team!  Your staff is likely going to have a busy week helping others prepare for Mother’s Day and some may even spend the holiday at work. A simple acknowledgment and kind gesture can go a long way to make moms feel appreciated. Additionally, you may have team members who are not mothers for their own reasons; it’s important to acknowledge them as well on this holiday and share in their journey. Here are a few simple ideas to make sure your team feels valued:

-Send cards or ecards (Include a gift card for an extra something special).

-Gift a flower arrangement or corsage pin they can wear at work.

-Have special treats or refreshments in the break room.

-Take a moment to personally tell them “Happy Mother’s Day”!

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