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Simplify marketing with tools and services that help you find new patients, engage with current ones, and track your progress online.

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Stay top-of-mind and grow your business with Digital Marketing for your pharmacy business.

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Having an online marketing plan is no longer just an option for healthcare businesses – it’s a necessity (but can be a complex world to navigate!).

Digital Pharmacist is here to help with a wide range of digital marketing services and support, from Facebook advertising campaigns to social media posting to new customer tracking.

Marketing isn’t just about promoting your business: it’s also requires offering value so that your patients will come back again and again. Our original content and curated health resources keep them informed and educated while positioning you as an expert who cares!

Paid Social Media Advertising

Rules and best practices surrounding social media advertising are constantly changing… the expertise necessary to gain ROI and ensure your marketing budget is maximized requires the skill of a digital marketing expert. 

The digital marketing experts at Digital Pharmacist will work with you to create social media ads for your pharmacy so you can gain exposure in your community and gain new patient revenue for your pharmacy. 

  • RIncludes Facebook and Instagram advertisements targeted to various demographics
  • RHighlights your services and appeals to potential patients in your area
  • RFeatures tailored and branded graphics and videos
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Desktop Facebook Ad


Mobile Facebook Ad


Mobile Instagram Ad

Organic Social Media Content

You spend all day running your business and supporting your patients… odds are, posting to your social media channels is low on your list of priorities.

Leave it to our expert digital marketing team to post fresh content on your pharmacy Facebook page to support your day-to-day marketing efforts as they:

    • REngage your audience without you having to lift a finger
    • RPost fresh organic social content on your behalf
    • RProvide your community with informative health news and awareness posts (with graphics and hashtags!)
    pharmacy facebook social media marketing

    Desktop & Mobile Facebook Posts

    Wellness Classes

    Digital Pharmacist’s interactive Wellness Classes are created with you in mind so you can encourage patient recruitment and retention and improve medication adherence.

    • RDesigned to educate patients on common medical issues
    • RFeatures original content and curated health resources from our staff pharmacist
    • RProvides you with an additional opportunity to maximize your revenue through a robust wellness course offering
    pharmacy wellness classes

    Lead Tracking

    Your dedicated lead tracking phone line will give you the ability to track any incoming traffic that is generated from your ads, enabling you to effectively evaluate the success of our efforts and any additional marketing initiatives that your pharmacy may have!

    With lead tracking, you can: 

    • RTrack and measure where your leads are coming from
    • REvaluate the success of your marketing initiatives so you can strategically prioritize where to spend your marketing budget
    • RAccess recorded calls stored conveniently in your dashboard

    Digital Marketing Packages


    Automatic Ad Placements

    Monthly Ad Variations

    Facebook & Instagram Ads

    Real Time Budget Optimization

    Copy & Image Testing

    Wellness Classes

    Call Tracking

    Designated Marketing Specialist

    Tailored Graphics

    Tailored Videos

    Marketing Goal Assessment

    Pharmacy Branded Content


    Health News

    Holiday / Health Awareness



    Facebook Desktop

    Facebook Mobile

    Facebook Stories


    Instagram Stories


    *Only for current customers
    4 Posts


    Facebook Desktop

    Facebook Mobile

    Facebook Stories


    Instagram Stories


    4 Posts

    3 Posts



    Facebook Desktop

    Facebook Mobile

    Facebook Stories


    Instagram Stories


    4 Posts

    6 Posts



    Facebook Desktop

    Facebook Mobile

    Facebook Stories


    Instagram Stories



    4 Posts

    6 Posts

    2 Posts

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    Ready to Transform Your Pharmacy?

    Get started with a free demonstration of our leading pharmacy software today.

    Learn how our customers use the Digital Marketing to gain new patients, retain existing ones, and connect with their communities like never before.

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    Digital Marketing Boosts Online Traffic by 69% in 4 Months

    See how Your Health Pharmacy increased web traffic by 69% and gained over 23,500 ad impressions in just four months.

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    Delmarva Pharmacy Gains 50 New Patients in 3 Months With Digital Marketing

    Digital Pharmacist’s digital marketing package has enabled Delmarva to ramp up significantly during COVID-19, helping them generate over 550 call leads and 50 new patients.

    Thurman’s Pro-Med Pharmacy

    Pharmacy Increase Website Traffic By 71% With Facebook Ads

    See how Thurman’s Pro-Med Pharmacy used social media channels and advertising to drive patients to their healthsite and promote new services during COVID-19 with resounding success.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between Paid Social Ads and Organic Social Posts?
    Organic Social Posts refer to free content that is shared on your business page that can be seen by your current followers without paid promotion. It is intended to help you nurture relationships and connections with your existing audience and improve your digital presence and reputation.

    Paid Social Ads refer to paid content that is influenced by advertising dollars spent. You can reach people outside of your current followers and target users based on demographics, location, interests, and more. A paid strategy is intended to increase your brand’s reach and awareness to targeted audiences.

    Why are the ads not showing up on my Facebook page?

    Unlike Organic Social Posts, your Paid Social Ads will not appear as a post on your Facebook page. It will appear as Sponsored content on live newsfeeds.

    You can view your ads and metrics in the “Digital Marketing” reports tab of your Pharmacy Dashboard. To confirm that your ads are being seen on Facebook and Instagram, you can look at your impressions metric.

    You can also view your ads on Facebook by searching for your pharmacy in Facebook’s Ad Library HERE.

    What is changing in my Digital Marketing package?

    For current customers, we have enhanced your offerings which are outlined in an email sent to you titled, “New Changes to Your Digital Marketing Program”. Please let us know if you have additional questions about program changes or did not receive this email.

    What is the additional cost for Organic Social Posts?

    There is no additional cost to incorporate Organic Social Posts into your Digital Marketing. You will continue to pay the recurring monthly cost associated with your package level, without any additional fees.

    Please note the frequency and volume of your Organic Social Posts will depend on your package level.

    You can also choose to opt out of Organic Social Posts HERE.

    When can I expect to see Organic Social Posts on my Facebook Page?

    Beginning Wednesday, September 1st, you should see your first Organic Social Post appear on your page.

    Please note the frequency and volume of your Organic Social Posts throughout the month will depend on your package level.

    What if I don’t want Organic Social Posts?

    We understand there may be specific content that is appropriate for your pharmacy store or you already have a designated social media manager. If you would like to opt out of us posting for you, click HERE.