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Digital Marketing Boosts Online Traffic by 69% in 4 Months

Thanks to Digital Pharmacist’s digital marketing Your Health Pharmacy has increased web traffic by 69% and gained over 23,500 ad impressions in 4 months.
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Based in Pompano Beach, FL Your Health Pharmacy delivers a “personal touch and care” to the Fort Lauderdale area. The specialty compounding pharmacy offers supplements and CBD products, genetic and stem cell testing, hormone replacement therapy, and dentistry and veterinary compounding. 

Mac McMillan, PharmD, has owned Your Health for nearly three years. After learning about Digital Pharmacist on a marketing call and hearing them speak at the 2020 PDS Conference, McMillan finally signed on as a healthsite, mobile app, and secure messaging client in April. 

One month later, we launched Your Health’s digital marketing program. During Q3, Your Health’s first full quarter working with Digital Pharmacist, they made massive strides in building and maintaining an online presence.

Between July and October 2020, Your Health has seen:




of website traffic from social media


increase in website visitors month-over-month

“The one thing I really liked about Digital Pharmacist was that I could get everything in one place. I would get calls from different people saying ‘Oh, I can build your website’ or ‘I can do your Facebook ads,’ and you never know who to trust. When it’s not connected, it’s only one piece of the puzzle and you still have so much more to solve for. Working with Digital Pharmacist felt like we were putting everything under the same umbrella. I tell people all the time I have a website, I have an app, I have a newsletter, I have Facebook marketing, and it is all tied together.”

The pharmacy also saw significant increases in ad clicks, engagement, and lead calls from potential patients during the same period. Social media has become Your Health’s most engaging channel when compared to organic, referral, and direct traffic.

Before focusing on digital marketing, McMillan had previously turned to print, thinking it was a better investment. That is, until he learned that “cheaper” in marketing is relative. “You never know how many people print marketing is reaching, just the number of people in your area. Now I have all of these beautiful products and I am actually coming in at a couple thousand dollars less.”

McMillan liked how Digital Pharmacist was able to think outside of the box, suggest new ideas, and understand his business. He also appreciates the feeling of having a dedicated team just a phone call away. “When they get back to me, I can feel the teamwork. I am not a marketer at all, but they help make things happen for me.”

Today, Your Health Pharmacy has an active Facebook page and runs regular social media ads that have received over 23,500 impressions in just four months. Every month, he meets with his digital marketing specialist to discuss ad performance, bounce ideas around, and plan the next month’s rotation. 

“I remember originally thinking stock photos were the way to go. My wife and I would spend hours picking the best ones, but it all flopped. Then [my digital marketing specialist] told me I needed to start thinking about personalized photos. I said ‘fine, here is my Dropbox link, let’s see how this goes.’ Before I knew it, our cost-per-click was going down and ad views were going up.”

When McMillan and his team finalized a short pharmacy commercial last month, he felt confident knowing that he had a system set up to market it effectively, thanks to Digital Pharmacist. “The commercial wouldn’t matter if I didn’t have a website to send people to or a Facebook page to market it on.”

This year, Your Health has received a lot of positive feedback from patients on their digital marketing. The pharmacy’s professional new online presence has also led to compliments from fellow healthcare professionals and an increase in referrals as well.

“When the consumer comes to me and sees my digital presence, I don’t look like the little, local pharmacy on the street that is trying to stay in business. I have to literally remind myself that we aren’t that little pharmacy anymore.”

Digital Pharmacist’s digital marketing program includes social media advertising and marketing support, email newsletters, online reputation management, and expert wellness content. To learn more about how we can help you grow your pharmacy this year, get in touch with us today.

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