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Digital Pharmacist’s New IVR Solution Enhances Pharmacy Digital Suite

Digital Pharmacist’s new solution, Vow IVR, offers pharmacies nationwide advanced digital features with 99.9% uptime.

Digital Pharmacist is proud to announce a new offering: Vow Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Vow IVR is a secure, reliable, and feature-rich hosted VoIP system purpose-built for pharmacies. 

This “all-in-one pharmacy phone solution” services the 50 US states, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands and is used by 2,000+ independent pharmacies nationwide.

About VOw IVR:

9 Million+

Calls Per Month on the Platform

16 Million+

Minutes of Usage


Phones Managed

Benefits of Digital Pharmacist’s Vow IVR solution:

  • Reduced interruptions and decreased pickups 
  • More time for quality interactions with customers
  • Tailored experiences for better customer service
  • Automated workflow that minimizes human error
  • Convenient, streamlined communication for health providers and patients


Vow IVR is a digital, end-to-end solution built to support and improve pharmacy operations, communication, and care. It powers pharmacies with 99.9% uptime and unlimited lines, taking phone and fax bill worries out of your hands.

Why use an IVR System?

IVR Systems fill a crucial gap in pharmacy-patient communication. These automated, digital solutions help pharmacies manage inbound call volume, direct inquiries, and offer better, faster service.

Some independent pharmacies still hesitate to invest in a new solution during COVID-19 for fear that doing so will cut out the personal touch. However, connecting patients to a real person quickly with IVR enhances the quality of communication.  IVR can also increase profitability by making pharmacy services accessible 24/7.


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