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Take your appointment scheduling to the next level.

Drive more revenue, maximize efficiency, and increase quality of patient care. Our Patient Engagement Platform now features easy-to-schedule appointment types!
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Extend your level of care and communication with the Patient Engagement Platform.

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The quickest way to grow your pharmacy business is by nurturing relationships with your current patient base.

Digital Pharmacist’s Patient Engagement Platform is built with pharmacists in mind to help you save time and multiply tasks that require patient contact while still connecting with patients personally (and without relying on the phone for secure conversations!).

Our HIPAA-compliant solution enables you to:

  • RDevelop task-based workflows that automate outreach and track prescription lifecycles
  • RImprove adherence and reduce your return to stock
  • ROrganize and manage patient relationships and touchpoints effectively and securely from multiple access points
  • RPersonalize contact through targeted or bulk messaging
Transform the way you engage your patients and propel your pharmacy into the future with better, faster, more personalized care.
two way messaging secure hipaa compliant

Secure & HIPAA-Compliant

  • Connect with patients safely
  • Prevent unintentional violations by securing protected health information (PHI)
  • Give patients secure access to the messaging portal through your branded mobile app or on their phones (they’ll have to verify their identity and grant HIPAA consent before they can see or respond to any message!)
bulk and targeted messages

Bulk & Targeted Messaging

  • Reach more people in less time by sending secure bulk messages
  • Automate notifications like Rx ready, refill reminders, prescription delivery status, and more
  • Engage and nurture patient relationships with targeted 1:1 messaging or birthday greetings
  • Leverage our selection of pre-populated templates for everyday scenarios or create your own unique templates
2 way multi messages

2-Way Messaging & Multimedia Sharing

  • Engage with patients through real-time conversations. making it easy for patients to ask questions, receive reminders, and share information securely from their phones or pharmacy app
  • Upload, send, and receive pictures to simplify important communication like sharing updated insurance cards and images of prescription bottles
  • Send and receive a range of specially-selected emojis and GIFs for an added personal touch!
two way messaging multi platform access management

Multi-Platform Access & Management

  • Log in from any connected computer in-store to send and receive messages through your inbox
  • Enable browser and/or email notifications to alert you of new messages
  • Create workflows to easily group and target patients for organized communication
  • Safely import information individually or through your PMS or bulk upload information to create patient profiles

Appointments & Scheduling

pharmacy patient scheduling

Digital Pharmacist has new updates on the Patient Engagement Platform that allow pharmacists to set up, support, and offer a range of appointment-based services.

Our enhanced appointments & scheduling functionality enables you to:

  • Easily set and manage appointments
  • Select from a variety of appointment types
  • Allow patients to schedule on their phone or your website
  • Create clinical calendars based on your services and availability

COVID-19 Testing

House COVID-19 testing and make it easy for patients to book an appointment.

COVID-19 Vaccination

Schedule, manage and administer COVID-19 vaccinations quickly and efficiently.

Flu Shots

Schedule flu shots to promote your vaccination programs.

Other Immunizations

Schedule shingles shots, back-to-school vaccines, travel vaccines, and other immunizations to promote your vaccination programs.

Medicare Comparison Consultation

Allow patients to make one-on-one appointments to review and optimize medication plans and choices with their pharmacist.

Nutrient Depletion Consultation

Discuss with patients how medication choices could be contributing to their overall health.

Point of Care (POC) Testing

Offer clinical services and testing for strep throat, the flu and seasonal colds, cholesterol screening, hepatitis, HIV, and other conditions.

Patient Consultation

Support multiple types of individual consultation services such as Medication Therapy Management (MTM), Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR), and Medication Synchronization.
“The ability to text our patients and have them reply has significantly improved our workflow efficiency. I’m especially grateful that we already had this in place before COVID-19. It has helped decrease our person-to-person contact while still enabling us to communicate with our patients safely and effectively.”
– Kaylee St. John-Bean
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85% Less Time Spent on Refill Reminders With Patient Engagement Platform

See how one pharmacy uses Digital Pharmacist’s bulk messaging feature to send reminders in under 20 minutes (instead of taking 2 hours to send messages one by one!)
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Secure 2-Way Messaging Improves Patient Communication

Frustrated with its current patient communication, Mount Horeb Pharmacy switched to 2-way messaging and has achieved over 1,100 unique patient conversations in 8 months.