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85% Less Time Spent on Refill Reminders With Patient Engagement Platform

Your Health Pharmacy cuts time spent on patient refill reminders by 85% with Digital Pharmacist’s new Patient Engagement Platform.
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Your Health Pharmacy, based in Pompano Beach, FL, serves the Fort Lauderdale area with specialty compounding services. Its offerings include vitamins and supplements, bio-identical hormone and pharmacogenomic testing, and dentistry and veterinary compounding. 

Chief Pharmacist and owner, Mac McMillan, PharmD, has owned Your Health since 2018 with a mission to “deliver a personal touch and care.” Passionate about standing out and offering different, more engaging services, McMillan signed on with Digital Pharmacist as a branded healthsite, mobile app, and secure 2-way messaging client in April. When our new digital communication solution, Patient Engagement Platform, was launched earlier this month, he was one of the first clients to beta test the platform.

McMillan had got into the habit of spending his Sundays sending out prescription-ready texts and responding to refill phone calls. The problem was the amount of time he was spending, up to 2 hours to send about 40 refill messages. 

“I wished the [secure 2-way messaging] platform could do this or that to make the process faster because it would just set up my whole week better.” McMillan said. “These are the things that kept coming up in the back of my mind as I used it.”

With the Patient Engagement Platform, however, McMillan has quickly seen a difference. Instead of taking 2 hours to send messages one by one, he can now use the bulk messaging feature to send reminders in under 20 minutes. He also appreciates how the platform has improved his workflow, allowing him to go in and send bulk messages in between other work or errands. 

Since the Patient Engagement Platform’s product launch, Your Health Pharmacy has seen:


decrease in time spent on sending refill messages

“I didn’t know that many patients’ birthdays were coming up, but the Patient Engagement Platform made it easy to check and send a quick ‘Happy Birthday’ to all of them. The first one we sent turned into an automatic refill.”

Just three weeks in, Your Health has begun to see how the Patient Engagement Platform can help pharmacies grow by streamlining communication. According to McMillan, sending something as simple as a birthday message is already leading to more prescription refills. They’re also automating growth in other ways: adding links in each reminder to their online refill page and asking for pharmacy reviews in pick up notifications.

And the patient reviews have been positive as well. “One lady said ‘I was about to call my doctor because I was running low on my medication, but then I saw the refill reminder from Your Health Pharmacy so I didn’t have to call him anymore!’” McMillan said reminders also prevent the team from scrambling to do a lot of last-minute refills and they like the convenience of sending and receiving messages at any time of day. 

Digital Pharmacist has helped hundreds of pharmacies communicate with thousands of patients during COVID-19. Our new Patient Engagement Platform, launched in October 2020, offers secure messaging, streamlined workflows, and data-driven clinical targeting capabilities. 

To learn more about how the Patient Engagement Platform can become your all-in-one digital platform for pharmacy growth, get in touch with us today.

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