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Delmarva Pharmacy Gains 50 New Patients in 3 Months With Digital Marketing

Digital Pharmacist’s digital marketing package has enabled Delmarva to ramp up significantly during COVID-19, helping them generate over 550 call leads and 50 new patients.
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Delmarva Pharmacy has been committed to patient care for 15 years. Based in Salisbury, Maryland, Delmarva is a specialty pharmacy accredited by independent healthcare quality validator, URAC. They specialize in medication adherence and offer synchronization services as well as medication therapy management and multi-dose pill packaging. 

As part of a commitment to patient care and adherence, Delmarva began offering free home delivery of prescriptions and OTC medication to nearby areas. Since COVID-19 and their work with Digital Pharmacist, they’ve expanded this service, now making over 150 deliveries a day.

Since March, Delmarva has generated:









“Even if you’re not a huge social media or IT person, you don’t need to be. With the dashboard, it essentially takes care of itself. When you put it all together, it makes it that much easier. And having ads that you can approve or add your own copy to, for me, personally, that’s just huge.”

Delmarva has been a Digital Pharmacist client since early 2020. Working with Director of Specialty Pharmacy Brandon Bailey, we launched their first digital marketing campaign on March 9. Since then, they’ve also added Digital Pharmacist’s IVR system and branded mobile app.

According to Bailey, they’d hired a company for some basic marketing support before but it hadn’t had the results they were looking for. “They weren’t switching things up, helping us change our approach. There wasn’t a focus on getting patients to transfer prescriptions to us. It was different from what you guys were doing,” Bailey said.

Bailey appreciates how easy it is to produce Facebook ad campaigns and the convenience of self-managing products through the client dashboard. 

Their Facebook ads have seen nearly 125,000 impressions and they’ve generated over 550 new call leads. “I would say starting from March 9, which is when we launched digital marketing, I would say we have gotten at least 50 new patients. So a pretty significant amount in 3 months,” Bailey said.

Delmarva is one of Digital Pharmacist’s Top 5 performing clients with the most call volume from lead tracking and digital marketing. As of mid-June, they are ranked #3 just three months after launching their Facebook ads.

Our digital marketing offerings have helped thousands of pharmacies grow their businesses during COVID-19. Last quarter, our pharmacy clients saw a 22% increase in digital marketing impressions, 15% more website sessions, and 23% more IVR inbound calls than in Q4 of 2019.

“We’ve been extremely happy with it, kudos to you guys! The product has been great and we’re really seeing the results,” Bailey said. 

To learn more about how digital marketing can support your pharmacy’s growth, get in touch with us today.

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