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175 Pharmacies Adopt Digital Pharmacist’s New 2-Way Patient Messaging Platform

AUSTIN, Texas, November 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Digital Pharmacist (, a rapidly growing software company that powers digital communication and adherence solutions for more than 7,500 pharmacies, today announced that 175 pharmacies have now adopted its new 2-way messaging platform since it launched in September. This is the fastest market adoption of any new product developed by Digital Pharmacist.

The new 2-way patient messaging platform allows pharmacists and their patients to hold secure online conversations (chats) and share images, like updated insurance cards or photos of pill bottles. Pharmacists can start a conversation from a secure web browser, and patients can respond via a secure browser on their mobile phone. Patients do not need to download a mobile app to engage in the program.

Digital Pharmacist developed the new platform in partnership with AHF Pharmacy to solve fundamental challenges in communicating with pharmacy patients in the digital age –

  • Patients prefer to text – According to MediaPost, 67% of consumers prefer a text vs. a phone call or email. With an increase in robocalls, patients are even less likely to pick up a phone call. The new platform allows patients to receive a text and reply via a secure browser.
  • More than a reminder alert – The new 2-way messaging system goes beyond the reminder alert and allows patients and pharmacists to have a conversation and exchange clinical or logistical information and share images.
  • Ensure privacy and compliance – Standard text messaging and email is not secure nor compliant and can violate both TCPA and HIPAA legislation, which can lead to significant fines. The new 2-way messaging system requires patient authentication and conversations are encrypted, ensuring privacy and compliance.

“We are grateful that AHF Pharmacy came to us with the key insights, that it is increasingly difficult to reach a patient via a telephone call and patients expect to be able to text,” said Dustin Humphreys, president of Digital Pharmacist. “We look forward to rolling out the new platform and helping many more pharmacies offer their patients a chance to communicate the way they want to.”

Since the product launched, patients and pharmacists have exchanged 20,882 messages. The most common conversations address first script check ins, out of stock, updated insurance information and delivery logistics. AHF Pharmacy in Los Angeles has received 279 patient-initiated messages, and Olden’s Pharmacy in Weymouth, MA has received 127 patient-initiated messages.

“To meet the modern communication needs of our patients, we implemented Digital Pharmacist’s 2-way messaging system. We already have engaged with some patients that would have fallen out of care. Working with Digital Pharmacist has made the implementation easy, and we were able to quickly train and implement across all 54 pharmacies at AHF,” said Jeremy Zellers, RPh, deputy chief pharmacy officer of AIDS Healthcare Foundation, AHF Pharmacy.

“Alerts are great, but we still have some patients who do not pick up even after we send alerts. The new two-way messaging system has allowed us to have a conversation with patients who did not pick up and get to the bottom of the issue, as a result we have avoided return to stocks and kept our patients on track and very happy,” said Paul Hackett, RPh, owner of Olden’s Pharmacy.

“Since we deployed the new system, we’ve already had a few patients send through pictures of their insurance cards and we’ll be using that feature a lot next January. We love that the system allows you to search by patient name and refer back to older messages, we don’t have to ask the patient to come in or fax us,” said Aaron Hirsch, RPh, head pharmacist at Amex Pharmacy

Some of the 175 pharmacies to adopt the new platform include AHF Pharmacy, LA, Amex Pharmacy, Bartlett Prescription Shop, Brown’s Pharmacy, Care Trust Pharmacy – Philadelphia, Custom Med Apothecary, Davidson Pharmacy, Dougherty Pharmacy, Family Pharmacy #1, Finnan’s Family Pharmacy, Irwin’s Pharmacy, Keystone Care Pharmacy, Louisville Pharmacy, Medical Plaza Pharmacy at Alcorn Drive, Newport Lido Pharmacy, PCF Pharmacy, Ragland Pharmacy, Sigma Care RX, Southern Pharmacy, Stotts Drug Store, Three Rivers Pharmacy, Towncrest Pharmacy, Vans Institutional Pharmacy, VMC Pharmacy, Westmont Pharmacy.

For more information visit or call Digital Pharmacist at (877) 959-7550.

About Digital Pharmacist

Digital Pharmacist ( is a rapidly growing software company that powers the digital, communication and adherence solutions for over 7,500 pharmacies. Millions of patients use the company’s products. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in Newark, New Jersey. Digital Pharmacist Inc. is a partner of the National Community Pharmacists Association and powers the Cardinal Health Pharmacy Marketing Advantage Program. For more information, visit or call (877) 959-7550.


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