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40% of Patients Order Prescription Refills After Hours as Community Pharmacies Launch New Apps & Websites

AUSTIN, Texas, April 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — RxWiki, Inc., a rapidly growing eHealth company connecting pharmacies and patients through its Digital Pharmacist SaaS platform, revealed today that forty percent of patients who request a digital refill through its 1,300 private label websites and mobile apps, do so outside of the core 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. business hours. Twenty percent of patients order their web or mobile prescription refill from their community pharmacist after 9:00 p.m. at night.

RxWiki also reports that digital refills among community pharmacies are growing rapidly, refills are up 1,262% from March 2015to March 2016. The first week of April 2016 saw a record number of digital refill requests among community pharmacies using the Digital Pharmacist platform.

“RxWiki’s Digital Pharmacist platform is helping community pharmacies compete against national pharmacy chains. Patients can now engage with their community pharmacy’s content and order prescription refills 24/7,” said Chris Loughlin, chief executive officer of RxWiki.

Denise McDaniel, head of marketing at Bellard’s Pharmacy, commented on how RxWiki’s Digital Pharmacist platform is helping Bellard’s improve productivity and service, “Our patients are completing refills via our app and website at all times of day and night. When our Pharmacists come to work each morning, they’ll take care of all of those overnight e-refills, giving them more time during the day to get out in front of the counter and engage with patients.”

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Data was collected on an anonymous basis from 716 digital prescriptions from 4:41 p.m. CDT on April 6, 2016 to 5:02 p.m. CDTon April 8, 2016.

About RxWiki

RxWiki, Inc., is a rapidly growing eHealth company connecting pharmacies and patients through its Digital Pharmacist SaaS platform ( and RxWiki consumer brand ( The Digital Pharmacist SaaS platform enables over 1,300 specialty and community pharmacy websites, mobile applications and email newsletters. Patients can request refills and obtain the latest information about their medication through pharmacy branded websites and mobile apps. is a medication information website edited and approved by pharmacists, with over 20,000 original articles, 7,500 health-related videos, 100 disease condition channels and co-pay assistance programs. More than 5,000 community pharmacies syndicate RxWiki’s content to engage with patients on social media and increase their brand awareness. RxWiki, Inc. completed a series A funding in October, 2015, raising $5.75 million from investors including LiveOak Venture Partners and Milestone Venture Partners LP. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

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