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Another 160 Pharmacies Adopt Digital Pharmacist’s 2-Way Messaging Product

AUSTIN, Texas, January 9, 2020 — Digital Pharmacist (, a rapidly growing software company that powers digital communication and adherence solutions for more than 7,500 pharmacies, announced today that another 160 pharmacies have adopted its new 2-way messaging platform. A total of 335 pharmacies have adopted the platform since its September 2019 launch.

The new 2-way patient messaging platform allows pharmacists and their patients to hold secure online conversations (chats) and share images, like updated insurance cards or photos of pill bottles. “Text notifications are great, but secure 2-way conversations are the future of pharmacy,” Dustin Humphreys, chief executive officer of Digital Pharmacist, commented. Pharmacists can start a conversation from a secure web browser, and patients can respond via a secure browser on their mobile phone. Patients do not need to download a mobile app to engage in the program. 

With Digital Pharmacist’s 2-way messaging product, pharmacists can now:

  • Send messages that are HIPAA, TCPA, and CCPA compliant.
  • Receive quick responses from patients.
  • View all patient messages in a centralized location.
  • Send messages that auto-populate text for increased efficiency.
  • Contact patients immediately, and receive responses at the patients’ convenience, in a format that patients want.

“Our messaging product has had an excellent adoption rate so far, with pharmacists and patients exchanging over 37,000 messages in the five months the product has been available,” Mr. Humphreys commented. “We’ve seen pharmacists use the messaging platform for 30-day check-ins, coordinating delivery, pick up reminders, receiving insurance cards, and more.”

Some outstanding users of the product include AHF Pharmacy Downtown LA and AHF Campus Florida who have sent 4,483 and 2,208 pharmacist-initiated messages respectively. 

For more information, visit or call Digital Pharmacist at (877) 959-7550.

About Digital Pharmacist

Digital Pharmacist ( is a rapidly growing software company that powers the digital, communication and adherence solutions for over 7,500 pharmacies. Millions of patients use the company’s products. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in Newark, New Jersey. Digital Pharmacist Inc. is a partner of the National Community Pharmacists Association and powers the Cardinal Health Pharmacy Marketing Advantage Program. For more information, visit or call (877) 959-7550.

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