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Digital Pharmacist to offer free trial of its COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduler

Digital Pharmacist to offer free trial of its COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduler

Digital Pharmacist’s COVID vaccination scheduling and patient management solution for pharmacies and healthcare providers will amplify the power of President Biden’s Federal Retail Pharmacy Relief Program.

AUSTIN, TexasMarch 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Digital Pharmacist (, a software-provider to U.S. pharmacies, announced the forthcoming launch and free trial of its COVID-19 vaccination scheduling and patient management solution. Digital Pharmacist’s COVID Vaccination Scheduler provides pharmacists and healthcare workers with:

  • Configurable calendars to schedule and manage vaccination and clinical appointments
  • Secure bulk and targeted text messaging to automate and streamline patient communications
  • Smartphone-based appointment check-ins for contactless care coordination
  • Efficient data capture and reporting

Explaining the importance of the company’s solutions in the fight against COVID-19, Corey Hansen, CEO of Digital Pharmacist, commented, “President Biden’s Federal Retail Pharmacy Relief Program positions pharmacies on the frontline in the battle against COVID-19. Working in concert, our Vaccination Scheduler and Patient Engagement Platform will expand the reach of the President’s program, enabling pharmacists and healthcare workers to efficiently administer millions of vaccinations.”

The Vaccination Scheduler will operate in Digital Pharmacist’s Patient Engagement Platform (PEP), a two-way secure HIPAA-compliant messaging solution that facilitates encrypted communications between pharmacists and patients.  In conjunction with the company’s free COVID-19 Patient Vaccination Waitlist solution, its PEP will allow pharmacists and healthcare workers to convert a waitlist of patients into scheduled vaccination appointments.

To learn more about Digital Pharmacist and its free COVID-19 Patient Vaccination Waitlist, Vaccination Scheduler solution and free trial, and Patient Engagement Platform, please visit the company’s website ( or send an email to

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Digital Pharmacist is a provider of software solutions to the pharmacy industry where its solutions are deployed across more than five-thousand pharmacies.  The company’s solutions center on patient engagement and improved patient outcomes, sitting in the intersection of where pharmacies, healthcare providers, health plans, and patients interact.

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