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One Thousand Five Hundred More Pharmacies Adopt the Digital Pharmacist Platform

AUSTIN, Texas, July 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Digital Pharmacist Inc. (, a rapidly growing digital health company that powers digital, communication and adherence solutions for 7,500 pharmacies, announced today that an additional one thousand five hundred pharmacies have adopted its platform in the past 12 months.

Independent pharmacies, national brands, regional chains, hospital system pharmacies and health plan pharmacies have adopted the Digital Pharmacist platform that helps patients easily manage their medications. The platform goes beyond a simple web form found on do-it-yourself websites. Through the Digital Pharmacist platform, patients can create a secure account to access their medication information on web or mobile, receive refill and pick up reminders via text, voice or email and share clinical insights such as side effects with their pharmacy care team. The Digital Pharmacist platform connects to the workflow of 60 pharmacy management systems. When a patient requests a prescription refill, the request is validated by the pharmacy management system before a confirmation is sent.

“We are delighted to welcome so many new customers to our platform,” said Chris Loughlin, chief executive officer. “Consumers now expect their independent pharmacy to offer self-service digital tools that are on par with their digital banking experience. Our platform helps independents get there quickly and levels the playing field when competing against the big box chains.”

Recent pharmacies to adopt the Digital Pharmacist platform include AHF Pharmacy, Anaheim Pro-Care Pharmacy, Benzer Pharmacy, Berry Drug of Dardanelle, Care Rite Pharmacy, Craig Pharmacy, Fusion Rx, Howard Pharmacy, Medical Plaza Pharmacy, Missouri City Pharmacy, NuCara Pharmacy, Piedmont Pharmacy, Premier Compounding Center, Rinne Pharmacy, Sander Pharmacy, Shore Drug, Thomas Pharmacy and many more.

“Patients stay connected to our store through the website, mobile app, and even refill reminders,” said Tim Mitchell, RPh, owner of Mitchell’s Drug Store.

“We looked at several platforms before selecting Digital Pharmacist for our 80 pharmacies,” said Alpesh Patel, Founder and CEO of Benzer Pharmacy. “We were impressed with the extensive range of tools on the platform and the company’s commitment to pharmacy innovation.”

“Digital Pharmacist saves us a lot of time. As more patients use the self-serve refill and reminder tools, our team can focus more energy on direct patient care,” said Michael Macione, VP, Sales & Marketing of Hopkinton Drug.

“Digital Pharmacist’s platform isn’t just a refill app or website. The platform’s new clinical opportunities program allows patients to self-report health issues such as side effects. The program is designed to facilitate communication between patients and their trusted pharmacist, to help patients achieve a better health outcome,” said Anyssa Garza, Pharm.D., BCMAS, vice president of Patient Education Programs at Digital Pharmacist.

Digital Pharmacist is committed to ensuring independent pharmacies can compete against big box chains. As more pharmacies adopt the Digital Pharmacist platform, the company reinvests further into patient-centric innovation.

About Digital Pharmacist Inc.:

Digital Pharmacist Inc. ( is a rapidly growing digital health company that powers the digital, communication and adherence solutions for 7,500 pharmacies. Millions of patients use the company’s products every month. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in Newark, New Jersey. Digital Pharmacist Inc. is a partner of the National Community Pharmacy Association and powers the Cardinal Health Pharmacy Marketing Advantage Program.

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