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TeleManager & RxWiki merge to create Digital Pharmacist

Digital Pharmacist Inc., launched today following a strategic merger of RxWiki Inc., a rapidly growing digital health company, and TeleManager Technologies, Inc., a leading communication solutions company. The new company has 100 employees and powers digital, communication, connectivity and adherence solutions for 7,500 pharmacy locations, national pharmacy wholesalers, hospital systems, and pharmaceutical brands.  Four million patients use the company’s products every month.

The Digital Pharmacist Mission

Digital Pharmacist’s platform allows patients and pharmacies to communicate quickly and efficiently via telephone, web, mobile or SMS text.  Patients can refill digitally with one click or call, set adherence reminder alerts, complete reviews, learn about their conditions or medications through interactive adherence tools, and ask their pharmacist questions. Digital Pharmacist integrates into the workflow of over 60 pharmacy systems.

“We are pleased to merge our companies to form Digital Pharmacist, a new company that offers the very best digital adherence solutions and the most robust pharmacy communication solutions. Our offices in Austin and Newark are brimming with talented people who care about independent pharmacies and patients. Through our merger, we are able to bring even more robust products and services that help patients and ultimately help our clients compete.” said Chris Loughlin, chief executive officer of Digital Pharmacist Inc.

“We are delighted to combine our efforts with the team from RxWiki,” said Val Gurovich, co-founder of TeleManager Technologies, Inc. “With their strong focus on digital patient adherence solutions and our deep experience in delivering high quality, highly secure communication systems for patients and pharmacy, we believe we can offer our clients a more comprehensive solution.”

The new company will focus on three areas of importance to pharmacy: Digital Solutions, Communication Solutions, and Adherence & Clinical Solutions. The company’s Adherence & Clinical Solutions are specifically designed to drive patient adherence and help pharmacies combat against escalating DIR fees.


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