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Digital Pharmacist Staff Head to Acuña for Medical Mission Trip

Last updated Jul 19, 2022 | Company Information

This past February and July, Digital Pharmacist’s staff committed their time to join an organization called GOAcuña on a mission trip to Mexico. Their goal was to give free medical care to the local people of Acuña. They were able to provide care to more than 300 patients. Here’s their story. 

Mallory Nelson, PharmD and Anyssa Garza, PharmD, BCMAS set up their pop up pharmacy on a dirt road in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Acuña this February. 

Rolando Gonzalez, Customer Success Specialist served as an interpreter as well as helped the team build a roof for the woman who helped us arrange the clinic in her neighborhood. (See the before and after pictures before)

Before After

This past July, the team was able to provide power safely and reliably to the woman who opened up her home to us in November 2016 when the city officials changed our plans the day before we arrived and we could no longer use the city center to hold clinic. For details on November 2016’s mission trip, read
Pharmacist On Staff Heads to Acuña for Medical Mission Trip. So since 2016 she has not had any reliable power. For some time, she has been getting power through an extension cord that she runs from her neighbor’s house. 

Upon arriving, Digital Pharmacist’s staff was able to spend a few hours with the children. The team put on a skit, provided food, and even set up a piñata.

Many of the patients have never seen a doctor or dentist in their lifetime. Yet, despite a long day of intense weather conditions, the people of Acuña and our staff remained undeterred. 

Similar to our last visits, many mothers attended our clinic in hopes of obtaining multivitamins for their children. It was a humbling experience to witness how many were desperately seeking vitamins and over the counter medications such as Tylenol and Motrin when they are easily accessible in other parts of the world.

The fact that the Acuña people had to wait hours in extreme weather conditions to receive our care exemplifies how poor their access to health care is and how much they depend on our trips. Each visit, the people of Acuña waited patiently to see a doctor, dentist and pharmacist. 

Their gratitude meant so much to us, and we are extremely grateful to GOAcuña for giving us the chance to provide them with accessible health care.

July Mission Trip

We also want to thank Digital Pharmacist for their continued support and for allowing us to make this trip throughout the year.


Mallory, Anyssa and Rolando

Until next time, Acuña, I wish you health and happiness.

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