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Digital Insights from My 18 Years at CVS Health – Part 2

Last updated Jul 19, 2022 | Company Information

Last week, we sat down with Dustin Humphreys, RPh, president of Digital Pharmacist, to ask him a few questions. In case you missed it, you can read it here This week, we will continue with another round of questions. 

Question: What shifts do you expect to see in the pharmacy industry over the next few years? Humphreys: I believe pharmacy and health care, in general, are in the process of being transformed by digital and the new economy. Digital has affected all these other industries and will affect pharmacy and health care. It is inevitable. One of the shifts we all have seen is the change to a patient outcomes-based model. It will become increasingly more important to provide better care to improve patient outcomes. We are starting to see software enable clinical initiatives to drive better results. In today’s world, patients prefer engaging with a self-service model more than ever before.

Question: What changes have you noticed in the industry within the last several years? Humphreys: When I first started at CVS, very few people in the organization cared about going digital. It was a retail-centric organization, and all the money and effort were poured into the stores. At that time, the retail location was the only thing that mattered because the proximity to the customer was paramount. But by the time I left, digital was the main focus of the enterprise strategy.

Question: What are you excited about most in the industry? Humphreys: I believe not only technology but the advancements in data science, patient engagement, and digital health are all creating the conditions that will lead to better patient outcomes and healthier lives, and we want to be a part of this shift. Digital Pharmacist is sharing in this mission to partner with independent pharmacies to help their patients. 

Question: If you could give one piece of advice to a colleague, what would that look like? Humphreys: If you are not thinking digital, you are behind. Whether you meet your patients via an app, social media, or website, you need to be thinking of a way to meet your patients where they are. And be thinking of a way to offer your patients a convenient way to engage with your pharmacy across a variety of channels. 

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