How a Pennsylvania Pharmacy Uses Technology to Save Space and Improve Efficiency and Accuracy

When you’re running a pharmacy, you strive for efficiency, accuracy and security. That is certainly the case for Shawn Nairn, RPh and owner at ACORx Pharmacy. To promote these qualities in his pharmacy, he implemented TCGRx’s Beacon® system. Read his story below.

With two pharmacy locations in the Pittsburgh area, ACORx Pharmacy provides compliance packaging for about 1,000 patients.

With a slogan of “Organized Medications. Better Health,” the pharmacy’s goal is to help the people they serve remain independent and at home as long as possible. Their business model includes hand-delivering Adherence Medication PAKS to patients. The technology they have adopted and incorporated, including TCGRx’s Beacon system, makes this business model a possibility.

After the pharmacy adopted Beacon in 2017, it quickly became evident that the system provided a great deal of value in terms of space savings, inventory monitoring and safety. Beacon manages 50 percent of ACORx’s inventory.

“The most valuable piece of the Beacon is the space savings,” Mr. Nairn said. “If I was opening a new pharmacy, I would never open a new pharmacy without incorporating Beacon because of its shelving and inventory management system. You can reduce your footprint of drug storage by half using Beacon and its components.”

Mr. Nairn said he chose Beacon because it provided him so many options, such as the space savings and security measures. He said the system should be an integral part of any retail pharmacy.

Beacon makes possible a high level of safety and accuracy, so it’s no wonder that the workflow improves down the line, Mr. Nairn noted.

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