What Your Pharmacy Can Do for National Nutrition Month

Last updated May 31, 2020 | Health Trends

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month?  It’s a great opportunity for local pharmacies to educate their patients on the importance of good nutrition, healthy diets, and exercise. Springtime, March specifically, is an excellent time of year for you to start conversations with your patients about the various foods they’re eating and how they can enhance their diets to improve their overall health. Studies have shown that good nutrition can lead to a healthier lifestyle and when paired with consistent physical activity, people tend to feel better and live happier, longer lives.

National Nutrition Month History

Started in March 1973 as a week-long celebration created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, National Nutrition Month was established as a way to educate the general public on nutrition and also to help promote the awareness of the dietetics profession. Originally announced with public service announcements, news releases, and bumper stickers which promoted special nutrition events hosted in schools, health care facilities, and community centers, the campaign caught national attention with districts and state associations being prompted to host their own events. The celebration was focused on the importance of choosing the right foods and starting a consistent exercise regimen. We continue to observe National Nutrition Month to help create general awareness around health education and continue introduce healthier eating habits to those who need it.

March is a great time to celebrate nutrition and the importance of a healthy lifestyle with your customers. That way, they will feel encouraged and healthy inside and out. 

Use This as an Opportunity to Engage With Your Customers

Most people want to lead a healthy life, but may not have the knowledge or resources they need to successfully accomplish that. National Nutrition Month is a wonderful opportunity for you to engage with your customers and start a dialog about eating healthy, working out, and overall wellness. That way, they will start to view your pharmacy as the vital resource that it is. 

During the month of March, your pharmacy should work diligently with patients on how their diets can positively or negatively influence their overall health with full transparency around how poor diets can be linked to major health risks that can cause illnesses such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. Dialogue around exercise is also recommended, as combining regular exercise with healthier eating habits — even if it’s just light cardio, can be largely beneficial for your patients.

Things to Do to Celebrate National Nutrition Month

There are a lot of ways that pharmacies can take advantage of this time to show customers that you care. Some ideas include:

  • Showcasing products and holding wellness classes that focus on health and nutrition
  • Using targeted ads on your social media to draw people to your store
  • Holding children’s programs to boost sales and share valuable information with the next generation
  • Inviting the author of a nutrition book to speak at your pharmacy
  • Launching a food donation campaign for a local food pantry or shelter in your pharmacy

It’s important to remember that many Americans are lacking the correct nutrients in their diets and a large majority of the population neglects the need for regular exercise. It’s up to their local health expert to guide them, and as a local pharmacy, you can easily become your patients’ go-to resource for nutrition and overall health management.

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