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Recognizing Pharmacies That Are Going Above and Beyond During COVID-19

Last updated Jul 19, 2022 | COVID-19

With over 1.3 million confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide, it is crucial to make sure we are recognizing pharmacies since pharmacies everywhere are under a lot of pressure. Not only do they have to juggle COVID-19 screening and regular patient care, but many are also trying to figure out how to keep patients and staff safe while remaining in business.

The independent pharmacies in the US perform an indispensable service to local patients and many are stepping up during this crisis to offer extraordinary services to their communities. Today, we are recognizing pharmacies to spotlight several Digital Pharmacist clients who have gone above and beyond to make a contribution.

Homemade Hand Sanitizer from Crawford & Breazeale

Crawford and Breazeale Hand Sanitizer

Crawford & Breazeale, a family-owned pharmacy in Lincolnton, GA, has been serving its community for over 100 years. When the coronavirus began to spread, they saw the need for essentials like hand sanitizer and decided to contribute by making and selling their own.

On March 18, owner and pharmacist Bryce Allfrey announced via video on their Facebook page that they had been given the “go ahead” on their own FDA-approved compound. Since then, they’ve made and sold over 50 gallons of hand sanitizer and not just to customers. “We’ve been able to provide quite a few businesses and some local hospitals as well with sanitizer so they can keep their operations going and keep providing services to us as a community and to patrons.”

When Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta put out the call for supplies on April 1, Allfrey and his team got up early to deliver gallons of home hand sanitizer to their door. They’re also coordinating with local sheriff’s departments and counties to donate supplies where they are most needed.

Generous Donations from Auburn Pharmacy

Auburn Pharmacy Dropping off masks

Auburn Pharmacy, run by Chris and Nicole Finley, has only been in business a few months, but they’re already making a big difference. This local family opened its doors in November and immediately began offering a unique range of apparel, gift items, and food from local Southern artists and makers.

Despite being new to town, the Auburn Pharmacy team responded immediately when the coronavirus hit their community. On March 24, they gathered their stock of gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer, and delivered them to their local hospital. Their Facebook post that day read, “We heard @eastalabamamedicalcenter was short on supplies, so we sent over all that we had!”

The business has had to pivot a bit, encouraging customers to use their drive-thru windows and curbside pickup to help contain the virus. “We just wanted to thank the community,” Chris Finley said in a recent interview, “and let you know that we’re here to support you with your medication needs. We’re doing free delivery, we’re doing an online gift shop store that you can pick up through the drive-thru and just some things to keep some normalcy in everybody’s lives and help support small local businesses.”

A Proud Supporter

We at Digital Pharmacist are proud to support our independent pharmacy clients during the COVID-19 crisis. Your work and heroic contributions are essential to minimizing the pandemic’s effects and caring for patients during this difficult time. Thank you.

For more information on COVID-19 and ways you can help, please download our guide for independent pharmacies.

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