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Don’t Lose to Amazon PillPack: Five Tips for Local Community Pharmacists

Last updated Jul 19, 2022 | Pharmacy News

Amazon’s PillPack has shaken up the brick-and-mortar pharmacy sector. In order to stay competitive, local community pharmacists need to provide convenient and accessible options to their communities. 

We’ve put together five best practices to help you and your local community pharmacists remain competitive. 

1. Optimize your website to be easily found on Google. 

You can improve your website search ranking with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To help improve your SEO, publish relevant content and make sure the content is updated regularly. By enhancing your SEO strategy, your website will rise the ranks to the top of search engine results.

2. Ensure your online reviews and ratings are top-notch. 

Potential customers rely heavily on online reviews when deciding which pharmacy they want to give their business to. So it is important to ensure what they find is positive when they search you on Google. Solicit reviews from happy customers and take the time to respond to negative ones. For more information on reviews, be sure to check out Reputation Management in Four Steps.

3. Highlight your competitive advantage on your website. 

What sets your pharmacy apart from others? Is it your free delivery or your exceptional customer service? Patients want to see how your pharmacy compares to competitors. Highlight the special services that make you unique through your website and marketing efforts. This is the time to show your community you are a customer-centric pharmacy that provides personalized service. Standing out in the crowd of pharmacies will spark the attention of new patients.

4. Offer all five refill methods – web, mobile app, IVR, text, and in-person. 

In a review of 65,000 patients, text outbound pick-up reminders were the #1 top requested technical feature for a pharmacy. In order to be readily accessible to all current and potential patients, your pharmacy should be available across five refill channels; web, mobile app, IVR, text, and in-person. Optimize all inbound and outbound refill channels to best serve your local community.

5. Spend more time educating with dynamic content. 

Education is key to driving patient adherence and overall health. Provide dynamic content that your patients can relate to – the more relatable, the more likely it will stick with them. Your content can range from everyday health news to tips on how digital tools can help optimize health. Post on your social media channels and website to help educate your community.

For more information on developing a social media strategy, check out Maximize Your Pharmacy Social Media Efforts.

Over 7,500 pharmacies trust Digital Pharmacist as a partner to provide easy-to-use digital solutions. Let us help you stand out amongst Amazon PillPack.

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