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Top 7 Pharmacy Podcasts for Pharmacists

Last updated Jul 19, 2022 | Just For Fun

Podcasts have become one of the best platforms for entertainment and information. Today, over one-third of Americans over age 12 (104 Million) regularly listen to podcasts, according to Edison Research. Statista predicts that the number of listeners will reach 160 million by 2023.

As of October 2020, there are more than 34 million podcast episodes available on dozens of platforms. 

Whether you’re looking for career advice, insights from fellow professionals, or just want to add to your list of go-tos, these are seven top pharmacy podcasts you won’t want to miss:

Brown Skin Stories: Representing Women Pharmacists with Dr. Ijeoma Ekeocha

Ijeoma Ekeocha, PharmD, began as the first non-traditional pharmacy resident at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Lead Pharmacist at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Her podcast, Brown Skin Stories, highlights the stories of Black women pharmacists and celebrates their achievements. Dr. Ekeocha also offers industry insights and advice to pharmacy students or anyone interested in pursuing a pharmacy career. 

Published weekly, Brown Skin Stories explores various pharmacy career paths from an insider’s perspective, including industry jobs, academia, and hospital, managed care, and poison control work. 

Listen to Brown Skin Stories 

The ReTell Pharmacy Podcast

The ReTell Pharmacy Podcast dives into the “odd” world of retail pharmacy, Since July 2018, ReTell has been hosted by retail pharmacist Dr. Mitch Lee, who shares experiences and insider insights into running and working in a community pharmacy. This weekly podcast covers everything from patient interactions and regulations to COVID vaccine updates and funny stories.

Dr. Lee also includes a callout to listeners in each episode for new ideas and stories, including vent sessions, patients of the week, and ridiculous pharmacy happenings. 

Listen to ReTell Pharmacy

RxRounds with Dr. Alandra Mitchell

Hosted by Trinidadian pharmacist, Dr. Alandra Mitchell, RxRounds is a healthcare and wellness resource for the Caribbean community. After her family faced a number of healthcare challenges, Mitchell decided to pursue a pharmacy degree in the US. After returning to Trinidad and Tobago, she saw a need for reliable information about healthcare and disease state management. 

RxRounds provides weekly, evidence-based healthcare, mental and physical wellness, pharmaceuticals, and public health information. The weekly podcast focuses on debunking generational myths and empowering West Indians to become actively involved in their own healthcare.

Listen to RxRounds

PharmD Unscripted with Dr. Bree and Dr. LaQuita J. 

The first pharmacy podcasts, PharmD Unscripted, explores the pharmacy job market and its recent changes, helping struggling pharmacists or those who feel unfulfilled in their current roles discover new opportunities. The weekly podcast is co-hosted by pharmacist entrepreneurs Dr. Bree and Dr. LaQuita Johnson, who challenge their listeners to think outside the box. The hosts focus on non-traditional pharmacy careers over traditional roles to encourage job fulfillment. 

On hiatus since March 2020, PharmD Unscripted is meant to educate, inspire, and guide professionals to “live their best life” and amplify Black voices in the pharmacy industry. 

Listen to PharmD Unscripted


Produced by the Rosalind Franklin University School of Medicine and Science’s College of Pharmacy, HelixTalk provides supplemental study material for pharmacy students. Podcast hosts include assistant professors Dr. Sean Kane, BCPS, Critical Care Pharmacist and Dr. Khyati Patel, BCPS, Ambulatory Care Pharmacist. Since 2014, HelixTalk has covered clinical updates, prescription use, guideline reviews, immunizations, neurologic conditions, and a wide range of other topics.

The bimonthly discussion-based podcast also features up-to-date industry topics on both community and hospital pharmacy. With over 120 available episodes, HelixTalk helps students and professionals stay up-to-date and improve their pharmacy knowledge.

Listen to HelixTalk

Public Health Pharmacist

Founder and CEO of public health brand The Public Health Pharmacist, Dr. Christina Madison also hosts a podcast by the same name. Public Health Pharmacist was created to discuss issues on public health and keep her audience informed of recent developments. Recently recognized as a “Pharmacy Hero” by Pharmacy Times for her COVID-19 patient and pharmacy advocacy, Madison’s goal is to spread knowledge to create better communities.

While the podcast has been on hiatus since September, Madison covers topics ranging from business opening and self-help to COVID-era mental health and patient care.

Listen to Public Health Pharmacist

The Best Science (BS) Medicine Podcast

One of the top medical podcasts in Canada, BS Medicine has been posting weekly evidence-based “medication mythbusters” since 2008. The podcast is hosted by Dr. James McCormack, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of British Columbia and Dr. Michael Allan, Associate Professor of Family Practice at the University of Alberta. BS Medicine encourages clinicians to take a case-based, critical thinking approach to medication use.

With healthy skepticism and humor, McCormack and Allan share useful drug therapy content for health professionals including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and physician assistants.

Listen to BS Medicine

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