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Top Reasons Your Pharmacy Needs a Mobile App

Last updated Mar 15, 2021 | Pharmacy Technology

The majority of American smartphone users spend over 3 hours a day using mobile apps, according to eMarketer. With over 275 million smartphone owners in the US, that means nearly 84% of the country’s population are dedicated mobile users.

In the past few years, mobile healthcare has skyrocketed. Providers are recognizing the advantages of app-based care for monitoring, sharing electronic health records (EHRs) securely, and offering crucial services. 

Having a mobile health option at your pharmacy can help you meet the growing demand for access to digital care options and allow you to offer higher-quality, more personalized services.

Here are six top reasons to consider a pharmacy mobile app.

1. Makes Care Convenient for Your Patients

With digital care options like pharmacy mobile apps, patients can manage their health more efficiently from the comfort of their own homes. Make it easy for them to order prescription refills at any time of day, without having to call or come in during store hours.

Mobile apps with family sharing capabilities let patients manage multiple individual profiles and prescriptions efficiently. They also allow patients to keep track of prescription orders, names, Rx numbers, dosages, and other important information from a single platform.

2. Saves Time When Every Minute Counts

Mobile apps streamline pharmacy service and communication, saving patients time and effort during a busy day. They can use mobile-friendly services, message their provider, and share health information securely right from their phones. 

And mobile apps don’t just save time for patients. Diverting business to digital channels and simplifying self-service options reduces staff interruptions and automates manual tasks, allowing you to focus on what really matters: building patient relationships. 

3. Fewer Phone Calls, More Face-To-Face Time

Your website and pharmacy mobile app are the first line of defense against phone calls. With digital refills and communication, you can streamline incoming business and minimize call pickups. 

Ask yourself: How much time do you and your staff spend on the phone? How many of those calls are to refill prescriptions? Let your app do the work. For every prescription your patient refills through your pharmacy’s app, that’s one less phone call you have to take. Less time on the phone means more time spent engaging with patients face-to-face in the store or via secure messaging. 

4. Keeps Your Patients Adherent

Mobile access to pharmacy services and staff at their fingertips can lead to better prescription management and improve patients’ proportion of days’ covered (PDC) scores. Features like automated refill reminders let patients know when it’s time to reorder, while HIPAA-compliant secure messaging helps them connect with a healthcare provider instantly.

Automatically reduce hassle and increase the likelihood patients refill their medications when they need to with a process that takes just seconds. 

5. Better Customer Service Equals Better Patient Experience

Community pharmacies are known for their personal, first-name-basis approach. Having an app helps you connect with the population of patients who want to handle medications digitally, offering a responsive solution that increases touchpoints.

It also frees up some of your own time to consult with the patients who prefer to physically come to the pharmacy. No one wants to wait in line, especially when they’re waiting because someone is on the phone. Pharmacy mobile apps reduce friction in the pharmacy workflow, so you can provide quality care to every patient.

6. Puts Your Business On Autopilot

Mobile health solutions serve your pharmacy well by serving your patients well. They also create new opportunities to attract new business. 

Increasing pharmacy touchpoints across multiple channels allows you to reach more patients from a wider geographic area. And by offering a digital pharmacy with self-service capabilities and app-only features that patients can simply sign in to access, you can increase your pharmacy’s profitability.

Some mobile apps also integrate directly with your Pharmacy Management System (PMS), automating prescription refills. They also ensure patients can request services after-hours, so you never stop accepting new business. 

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