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Top Reasons Your Pharmacy Needs a Mobile App

Last updated Jun 1, 2020 | Pharmacy Technology

1 in 5 American adults are “smartphone-only” internet users. This means their smartphones are their primary means of online access at home.

Health providers need to be able to deliver on their patients’ demands in order to keep their business afloat and keep their customers coming back. Learn the top reasons why patients want your pharmacy to have a mobile app.

1. Convenience. Make things easy on your patients.

Give patients the option to refill prescriptions from the comfort of wherever they are. You automatically reduce hassle and increase the likelihood they’ll refill their medications when they’re supposed to. 

2. Saves Time. Every minute counts.

Time-saving goes hand-in-hand with convenience. If patients can refill from the palm of their hand rather than going through the process of calling or visiting the pharmacy in person, they save time and effort every time they need to refill a prescription.

3. Fewer Phone Calls. More time face-to-face.

Your website and app are the first line of defense against phone calls. To prove it, ask yourself this question: How much time do you spend on the phone? How many of those calls are to refill prescriptions? Let your app do the work. For every prescription your patient refills through your pharmacy’s app, that’s one less phone call you have to take. Less time on the phone means more time face-to-face with in-store patients.

4. Better Customer Service. Give patients the experience they want.

No one wants to wait in line, especially when they’re waiting because someone is on the phone. Community pharmacies are known for their personal, first-name basis approach to helping patients. Having an app helps you connect with the population of patients who want to handle medications digitally. It also frees up some of your own time to consult with the patients who prefer to physically come to the pharmacy.

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