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Pharmacy 575 Consolidates Costs While Improving Their Digital Presence, Security, & Patient Experience

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Pharmacy 575 is a locally-owned pharmacy that serves the communities of Lea County, NM, and Gaines County, TX. Since opening their doors in 2021, Pharmacy 575 has provided patients with personalized care and offers an expansive list of services including Medication Therapy Management, immunizations, health screenings, and home delivery – just to name a few. They also have a boutique gift shop and carry a large selection of superior supplements and durable medical equipment, providing patients with a wide variety of products for all their health and personal care needs.

 In The First 4 Months AFter Launching ThEIR Healthsite, Pharmacy 575 Had:


Website Visits 




Mobile App Downloads

The Challenge 

A Costly Website Lacking Security

Pharmacy 575 provides a one-stop shop for their patients – but the same wasn’t true when it came to working with their previous website provider. Any changes to their website design or content would have been subject to a $1,000 fee per request. Even changes as simple as updating their hours, posting a banner to their website, adding to their services, etc., would have been subject to this costly fee. These upcharges were in addition to the initial $6,200 they had already incurred to set up the API integration that powered their online refill functionality. These costly updates prevented them from refreshing their website and making necessary changes and additions to their content.

On top of these astronomical costs, there was also concern regarding the security of their refill platform and a level of uncertainty that all necessary measures were being taken to ensure that patients’ data was being adequately protected.

The Solution 

HIPAA-Compliant Website & App with a Flat Monthly Fee

These concerns surrounding website cost, maintenance, and security led Pharmacy 575’s co-owner/ pharmacist, Mark Poling to seek a new solution to streamline their digital presence.  With the help of Digital Pharmacist,  Pharmacy 575  launched their new HIPAA-compliant website and mobile app in January of 2023.


 “It’s a no-brainer…with Digital Pharmacist you get unlimited web redesigns and you can keep your content fresh without having to pay any additional fees and you’re getting a good product and service in return.”

Mark Poling, PharmD

Pharmacy 575

The Results

Increased Digital Presence & Improved Patient Experience 

By switching to Digital Pharmacist, Pharmacy 575 was able to consolidate their costs into a flat monthly fee, which includes all website maintenance and unlimited changes and additions to website content.

Since their website launch, Pharmacy 575 has improved their digital presence– driving 638 visitors to the pharmacy website. Through word of mouth, social media, and text message blasts, they have also seen great success with their mobile app, totaling 159 downloads in the first four months since their launch.

Additionally, Pharmacy 575 has also received very positive feedback from patients who have found their website much easier to use and are now able to make requests through the mobile app rather than having to call the pharmacy when their refills run out. Not only has this functionality made patients’ lives easier, but it has also decreased the number of calls to the pharmacy regarding refills, ultimately saving their staff time and allowing them to focus on patients needing assistance in person.

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