Improve patient communication

<br> Inbound Refill Services

Inbound Refill Services

Make refill requests easy and efficient for patients and staff with inbound web, mobile, voice and text services.

<br>Outbound Messaging Services

Outbound Messaging Services

Remind patients to refill, pick up or take prescriptions with outbound alerts via email, phone or text.

<br>HIPAA-Compliant, Cloud Technology

HIPAA-Compliant, Cloud Technology

Ensure refills, patient messages and doctors' orders are captured, even in the event of a power loss.



Communications Solution benefits include:

Communications Solution benefits include:
  • 24/7 Reliable Service

    With multiple data centers located in different parts of the country, rest assured knowing that the IVR Service reliability is our top priority.

  • No Additional Hardware

    Whether the pharmacy has a VoIP Phone System, Traditional Phone System, or no Phone System, we will work with you to design the most suitable solution without any additional hardware required.

  • Visual Management Dashboard

    View robust reports of IVR utilization directly from your pharmacy workstation.