Simpler Meds, Better Adherence

As pharmacists, you’re well aware how much of a negative impact non-adherence has on health, as well as the economy. Let’s take a quick look at the not so great facts from the CDC¹:

  • 20%-30% of Prescriptions are never filled
  • In 50% of cases, medication is not continued as prescribed
  • By 2020, it’s estimated that as many as 157 million people in America will be taking medication for at least one chronic condition
  • Non-adherence leads to costs of $100 billion to $289 billion

These statistics are further detailing something we already know – medication adherence is a problem that needs to be improved. Thankfully, more tools are being made available to pharmacists in order to help them improve medication adherence.

Here’s one tool that the National Community Pharmacists Association is providing to its members for free: Simplify My Meds®.

What Is Simplify My Meds®?

This is a medication synchronization program designed to consolidate and coordinate a patient’s prescriptions so they can all be refilled on the same day each month.

How Does It Work?

  1. Sign-up for the program through NCPA
  2. Put your free marketing materials from NCPA up in your store and begin educating patients about the program
  3. Find patients to voluntarily enroll
  4. Organize enrolled patients’ medications to all be filled on the same day using your operations manual (you may need to fill partial prescriptions the first month in order to get meds synchronized)
  5. Report your results to NCPA and watch medication adherence improve!

Why Should I Do It?

Not only will you improve the health and safety of your patients, your pharmacy will actually see more revenue from more filled prescriptions, as well as higher star ratings.

Start simplifying meds and improving patients’ lives today.

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¹ CDC Medication Adherence