2023 Pharmacy Trends to Look For

The role of the community pharmacy has increased tremendously especially during the COVID pandemic. For pharmacies, it is important to understand the needs of the patients, and the services that patients are looking for so patient expectations can not only be met but exceeded. 

In this blog, we will discuss pharmacy trends to look out for in 2023 so your business can be as prepared as possible in the New Year.


Trends in Virtual Pharmacy – Digital, Digital, Digital

As one may have expected, one of the top pharmacy trends of 2023 remains to be “digital.” Many people use multiple platforms for the delivery of goods including furniture, food, and even groceries – this has since transformed into digital pharmacies. 

Digital pharmacies not only offer medication delivery, but they may have an array of services including telehealth consultations and virtual medication counseling. Options like this allow patients access to their medication without having to visit the doctor’s office or their local community pharmacy. Mobile apps allow patients to request refills and manage the delivery of the medications, which makes the process even more convenient. 

One of the major drawbacks of digital pharmacy is known to be lack of face-to-face interactions. Such lack of interaction can lead to lack of counseling on medications and disease states, so these companies are having to come up with novel ways to bridge that gap.

For a virtual pharmacy to stand out among other companies, it is important to provide adequate medication counseling. Through electronic pharmacist consultations and educational medication videos, patients are gaining more knowledge and guidance around their medications and thus allowing them to have a similar experience to what they would receive in a traditional pharmacy.

Trends in Community Pharmacy – Providing Diversified Portfolio of Healthcare Services

To really stand out among their competitors, a pharmacy needs to offer a diversified portfolio of services. Offering a wide array of services to their customers and doing it well, will be a game changer for them and their business.

When a store can provide diversified healthcare services possibly including chronic disease state management, virtual specialty care, infusions, compounding, MTM services, and more patients will be attracted to the pharmacy and inquisitive about what it offers. It’s crucial for pharmacies to be a place that not only provides medication, but also sound medical advice and care for their patients. Having the pharmacy become your customers one stop for all their needs, is exactly how you will gain loyalty and already increase your customer base.

While having a diversified portfolio is important, it’s even more needed that these services are provided at an exceptionally high level of care. Focusing on the details of these services and ensuring your team is properly trained and ready to execute, is key to the success of these programs.

Bottom Line

Through understanding the needs and the services of your community, the pharmacies – both virtual and community – you can better serve the patients with higher quality of care, and continue to grow your business into the New Year.

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