How To Better Leverage Your Email Newsletter

By Anyssa Garza, PharmD, BCMAS – Digital Pharmacist Staff

With a wide array of marketing tactics to choose from today, you might ask yourself, do I even need an email newsletter?  While other more traditional forms of marketing such as bag stuffers and radio ads are still useful methods for reaching your customers, email newsletters provide a unique approach to letting your customers know what products and services you offer. Email newsletters allow you to easily reach your current customers and potential customers.

Here are four tips for reaching your customers through your email newsletter.

  1. Use the 80/20 rule when it comes to marketing material.

    In general, make sure each newsletter you send contains about 80% educational material for every 20% of promotional material. Providing newsletters with a heavy focus on educating your patients will help earn their trust and open up the lines of communication for discussing their health conditions and medications. Exhibiting up-to-date health news in your newsletter may also peak customers’ interest and make them more inclined to open your newsletter in the future. You can use your newsletter to advertise any of your current promotions. Whether it is a promotion on greeting cards or for over the counter products such as sunscreen for the summer, this is the opportunity to let your customers know you are the one stop shop for their everyday needs.

  2. Make it easy for your patients to subscribe. 

    Making it easy for your patient to subscribe to your newsletter is a relatively intuitive idea, but one that will surely decrease your readership if missed. Be careful not to hide your subscribe box at the bottom of a page where it can be easily missed. Instead, give your customers the option to subscribe at the top of your home page, front and center, as well as in any other highly trafficked portions of your website. Simply put, patients can’t subscribe to something they can’t find. See below for a great example.

  3. Make sure your email newsletter is optimized for mobile. 

    If you just focus on optimizing your emails for desktops and laptops, you are missing out on a huge readership. In fact, recent data has showed nearly 50 percent of emails are opened on a mobile device.

  4. Do not break any spam laws. 

    This means it is important to make it easy for your patients to unsubscribe. It may seem odd to give your customers the option to stop receiving your newsletter, but making it difficult for them to unsubscribe provides no gain for your pharmacy and only results in frustrated customers who are likely not reading your content. Make sure the customers who are receiving your newsletter actually want to receive it. Allowing customers to unsubscribe easily also decreases the chances that your emails will be marked as spam, which may make it more difficult to reach those customers through e-mail for other purposes in the future. It should be just as easy to unsubscribe from your newsletter as it was to subscribe.

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Stay tuned for next week’s editorial featuring an independent pharmacy who has incorporated email marketing into their strategy and has seen great success.