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Introducing Rx Confer: A Transformative Communication Platform

Last updated Dec 4, 2020 | Digital Pharmacist Products

Digital Pharmacist is excited to announce a new product designed to transform patient communication and boost pharmacy growth. 

We believe that the fastest way to grow a pharmacy business is by nurturing and building patient relationships. Rx Confer gives pharmacists the tools to increase communication effectiveness and streamline their workflow so they can identify and act on new revenue opportunities. 

Instead of waiting for patients to answer the phone, you can initiate real-time conversations through our HIPAA-compliant platform. 

Benefits of Rx Confer 

Rx Confer replaces our secure 2-way messaging solution as Digital Pharmacist’s main digital communication offering. It was built to help pharmacies:

  • Improve medication adherence and proportion of days covered (PDS) scores
  • Drive current patient base retention and build rapport
  • Increase demand for incremental pharmacy services 
  • Reduce pharmacists’ workload by streamlining communications

The Rx Confer communication platform was designed with pharmacists in mind to help automate pharmacy outreach tasks. Our user-friendly interface minimizes keystrokes and clicks so you get more done in less time. With a fully HIPAA-compliant solution, you never have to worry about endangering private health information by sending an unprotected text or email. 

Rx Confer’s new bulk messaging feature makes it easy to send messages to hundreds of patients at once. Just a few clicks and you can automate refill reminders, Rx ready notifications, prescription fulfillment statuses, and seasonal offerings. 

With the platform’s searchable database, targeted messaging is just as simple. Initiate one-on-one conversations with patients about prescription needs or insurance information, or send personalized greetings and birthday messages.

Multi-platform access from your pharmacy experience dashboard, healthsite, and pharmacy mobile app keep Rx Confer accessible for working pharmacists while remaining secure. Its intuitive task-based workflow setup keeps patient communication organized. And by adding our premium clinical opportunities feature, you can take advantage of the platform’s state-of-the-art algorithm which identifies non-adherent patients to help you improve your PDC scores.  

Upgrading from Secure 2-Way Messaging

In September 2019, we launched our secure 2-way messaging platform for pharmacy clients. Our goal was to reduce the amount of time pharmacists spent on the phone and offer a HIPAA-compliant digital touchpoint. As the COVID-19 pandemic spread, we noticed a significant increase in secure 2-way messaging adoption as a means of pharmacy-patient communication during social distancing. 

One year since launch, we’ve seen thousands of messages sent by hundreds of pharmacies. A majority of those messages were basic notifications, reminders, and information about services and contactless fulfillment options. Based on the data, we saw an opportunity to create an updated platform that would encourage engagement and further reduce pharmacists’ workload.

More than a secure messaging platform, Rx Confer supports pharmacy businesses as a whole. Not only can pharmacists save time and reach more patients with streamlined workflows and bulk messaging, but they can also promote existing services and drive new revenue. 

With Rx Confer, we transform the way pharmacies communicate with their patients and provide a simple, all-in-one solution for pharmacy growth.

To learn more about the Rx Confer platform and how it can transform your patient communication, get in touch with us today.

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