Create Your Holiday Marketing Plan in 6 Easy Steps

Last updated May 20, 2020 | Pharmacy Marketing

The holidays are right around the corner, and there’s no better time to ramp up your pharmacy’s promotions. For help, check out our six tips for creating a successful holiday marketing plan this season.

1. Develop a promotional schedule

When you don’t have an email schedule, you can run into one of two problems. Either you’re sending out way too many emails and irritating your audience, or your promotion is going unnoticed because you’re not emailing frequently enough.

We’ve learned that three is the magic number. Never send more than three emails a week to your audience. If you’re running a limited-time deal, send an email with the details no earlier than three weeks out from its expiration date. This keeps your pharmacy top of mind with your customers and encourages foot traffic.

2. Use newsletters/email to your advantage

Whether you sell gifts inside your pharmacy or are running a special promotion about flu season, email is going to be one of the most effective tools you can use. Take advantage of your email newsletter if you have one.

If you’re a Digital Pharmacist customer, you already have a newsletter that is sent to your patients every week. You can easily add a holiday promotion to your newsletter. In the newsletter section of your dashboard, choose the newsletter you’d like to edit. Next, add your custom content to a newsletter card.

3. Craft a great email subject line

A great subject line can be the difference between a successful email and one that’s never opened. The average working person receives a whopping 121 emails per day, but writing a strong subject line can prevent your email from getting lost in the shuffle. Use the following tips to help your email subject line stand out:

  • Show your pharmacy’s personality – Remind your customers why they love you and your pharmacy.
  • Be clear about what you’re offering – Seasonal items, discounts, freebies, fun gifts.
  • Keep it under 50 characters – Anything longer is too difficult and time-consuming to read.

Below are some of our favorite subject lines from post-Thanksgiving sales. These email subject lines are clever and can give you ideas for promotions of your own.

“Countdown has begun: 25% off.”

“You can still get it in time for Christmas.”

“Last-Minute Gifts, Santa-Approved”

4. Be strategic with your promotions

When developing a seasonal promotion, create a sense of urgency. When people feel like they’ll miss out if they don’t take advantage of a promotion, they take action quickly. If you’re subscribed to any emails from retail stores, you probably have experienced this feeling of urgency during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you need to be clear about the rules and/or deadline of your promotion. Make sure your customers know exactly what to expect so you can avoid any unwanted confusion.

In addition, make redemption easy. Let patients redeem the offer by showing your staff the ad from their mobile phone or a printout from the website or email newsletter. And don’t forget to track your results. Create a sale code for your point of sale to easily track how many new and existing customers take advantage of the promotion.

5. Combine Facebook and in-store promotions

Facebook comes in handy during the holidays because it’s easily accessible and your patients are already following you. Snap a photo of your holiday-specific item and post it to Facebook. This gives you an opportunity to explain the details of your promotions and encourage followers to come to your pharmacy to take advantage of them.

6. Update your website

If you’re promoting something on Facebook or in your newsletter, utilize your website’s homepage as a channel, too. Try adding your promotion in the above-the-fold area to ensure your visitors do not miss it. After all, your homepage is the first thing visitors see when they look you up online. 

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