Digital Pharmacist & BestRX: Enhancing the Patient-Pharmacy Experience

Digital Pharmacist and BestRX have partnered to continue to build products to improve the patient-pharmacy experience for local independents.

We are excited to announce our new partnership with BestRX!

Digital Pharmacist has partnered with BestRX, a leading pharmacy management solution to continue to improve the patient-pharmacist experience.

This partnership strengthens the companies’ shared goal – to focus on improving the pharmacy experience and ensure it is functional, intuitive and convenient.

Great! So what does this mean?

Through this partnership, patients can conveniently and securely access their medication information via their pharmacy’s smartphone app or website. They’re also able complete and track medication refills and receive reminder alerts.

“Patients expect their online medication management experience to resemble their online banking experience. Working with forward-thinking companies like BestRx and leveraging our platform, we are able to quickly deliver on that expectation. We focus on secure, front end, pharmacy branded experiences that tie into the intuitive BestRx workflow experience,” said Sahar Makhmoor, vice president, data and integrations at Digital Pharmacist.

“We believe that a pharmacy management system should be functional, yet intuitive. This means not only being able to easily and accurately navigate through the pharmacy workflow but enhancing the overall patient experience. Working with Digital Pharmacist allows us to stay true to our mission, while making the patient experience more convenient,” said Hemal Desai, president of BestRX.

Through the combined technology, pharmacies can now use inbound refill services to accept refill requests and route them to be filled. Outbound messaging enables patients to be notified in a HIPAA-compliant manner when their prescriptions have been filled and are ready for pick-up.

How do I find out more?

Visit to request to speak to a member of our team.