How To Improve Star Ratings

At this point, you're at least familiar with how Star Ratings are determined and the categories involved for pharmacies. So what can you do to improve star ratings or ensure that your ratings stay high?

Adherence is a great place to start. With 3 out of the 5 Star Ratings above related to adherence, it makes sense to focus the majority of your efforts on improving adherence. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep patients on track! Here are some adherence helpers:

Website refill is an important feature to offer as well. Many people are on or near a computer throughout the day. Make it easy for patients to adhere to their medication plan by having a website for your pharmacy complete with a refill option.

Medication Therapy Management: Improving adherence and the overall health of patients is heavily impacted by MTM. Regularly meeting with patients to talk about the medications they’re taking increases accountability, which improves the chances that they will take their medications as they are supposed to. Patient education has a large impact on adherence as well. It’s important for patients to understand the significance of the medicine they’re taking so they feel compelled to continue taking it.

We know how much you care about the patients you serve, that’s why we want to help you have the highest ratings you possibly can. If you have any questions or need help with anything, let us know!

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