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Increase Patients and Revenue with Digital Pharmacist’s New Patient and Transfer Buttons

Last updated Jun 16, 2020 | Digital Pharmacist Products

Every new patient means important new revenue for your pharmacy. According to PBA Health, prescriptions make up over 90% of non-big-box pharmacy sales on average. Each month, Digital Pharmacist helps thousands of pharmacies attract new patients and transfer prescriptions via our branded healthsite buttons and landing pages.

We originally introduced our new patient and transfer tool in May 2018. We were the first to offer secure registration and pair intake landing pages with our Digital Marketing program. Our process allows pharmacies to save time and grow their business by automating transfers and accepting new patients online.

This year, our clients have seen significant increases in patient transfers and prescription refills across the board. Overall transfers increased by 153% in February and March. Website refills also grew over 122% between February and March and have continued to increase in April and May.

How the Online New Patient/Transfer Button Works

Each Digital Pharmacist branded healthsite comes with a customizable call-to-action button and landing page with a new patient intake form.

Call-to-action buttons are designed with UX best practices in mind and can be customized by text, button size, and color. They are displayed prominently on the main header of each client’s website, making it easy for patients to find them as they click through to different pages.

Once patients click the call-to-action button, they’re taken to the pharmacy’s ‘Transfer’ or ‘New Patient’ landing page to complete an intake form. We ensure that each page on our healthsite is fully HIPAA-compliant, storing data behind firewalls on secure servers and using encryption technology to protect sensitive patient and health information.

Each form requires the following information:

  • Name, phone number, and birthday to help verify the transfer with the patient’s previous pharmacy.
  • Previous pharmacy location and their new preferred location.
  • Medication names and Rx numbers of prescriptions they wish to transfer. If they want to transfer all prescriptions, they can simply check the available box without inputting medication information.
  • Notes for the pharmacy, where patients can verify their insurance info. They can also choose to do this in person.

Integrated Transfer Process

We process each new patient intake form in one of two ways:

  1. If your PMS is one of the many that integrate with our products, we can set up any incoming patient and transfer requests to go directly to your management platform queue.
  2. If your PMS is not compatible, you will receive a secure fax from us with all the information needed to complete the transfer.

New Lead Tracking Tool

Earlier this year, Digital Pharmacist added a lead tracking tool for pharmacies to determine where new business is coming from. Pharmacies can set up ‘New Patient Tracking’ lines for any digital marketing campaign or platform including their healthsite, Facebook page, and ads.

This tool gathers and stores lead information in one place, helping pharmacists easily locate information and follow up with leads and new patients. Our recent case study found that lead tracking is already giving clients valuable insights into their marketing and business growth.

To learn more about how you can maximize your revenue and streamline your transfers, request your software demo today.

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