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Introducing the Pharmacy Experience Dashboard

Last updated Jun 16, 2020 | Digital Pharmacist Products

The Pharmacy Experience dashboard, our proprietary client portal, gives pharmacies the tools to interact with Digital Pharmacist products and manage many day-to-day operations. It’s built to integrate all of our products seamlessly, offering clients a streamlined experience so they can spend more time interacting with patients.

What the Pharmacy Dashboard Does

The dashboard provides a single, centralized platform, giving clients full visibility into pharmacy operations, patient management, and marketing. Through this portal, clients can manage and customize many of our products, features, and services including:

  • Secure 2-way messaging. Clients can send and receive messages from their dashboard and choose from our custom messaging templates to simplify communication with patients, or create their own.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Update pharmacy hours, record and manage greetings, and change the order and availability of various IVR features.
  • Patient calls. Listen to call recordings, access voicemails, and track incoming calls.
  • Prescription refills. The dashboard works with your PMS to track and manage refill requests and transfers.
  • Reporting. Check constantly-updated reports on all your products instead of waiting for us to send them to you or going through a secondary portal.
  • Wellness resources. Access material from our wellness classes library to share with patients.
  • Help Center. Get answers to frequently asked questions and product tutorials from Digital Pharmacist University.

By the end of May, clients will also be able to access and manage their reviews in the dashboard, a feature that is currently still available in the previous version of the dashboard.

3 Ways the Pharmacy Experience Dashboard Helps Clients

1. Ease of use.

“We have had good results with customer refills via website and app. The dashboard is easy to use. At a conference recently, Digital Pharmacist demoed the new features on the portal, the updated real-time messaging, and the layout of our website.” says owner Michelle Dyer of Michelle’s Pharmacy Inc.

The pharmacy dashboard strives to keep the Digital Pharmacist product experience user-friendly and provide value to your pharmacy. We don’t want clients to be overwhelmed by technology or struggle to use their digital engagement products.

Our goal with the dashboard is to decrease friction and make it easy to manage multiple solutions in the same place. By listening to feedback from our clients, we’ve tailored the dashboard experience to maintain a balance between features and complexity.

2. Flexibility to meet immediate needs.

According to Tim Barrick, PharmD, owner of The Clinic Pharmacy in Shawnee, Oklahoma, Digital Pharmacist “knows the needs of its customers, and provides the necessary tools to positively impact their communities.”

The dashboard allows pharmacies to quickly pivot and inform their patients about unexpected changes, saving time and resources. One example of this is the ability to adjust IVR store greetings directly from the dashboard. In the event of a power outage, storm, or other emergency closure, your pharmacy needs to be able to warn patients of any changes.

Before, you would have to call our service line and record a new greeting over the phone for the technician to upload. Now, clients can log in to their dashboard and choose between uploading a pre-recorded greeting, recording a new one, or simply typing the new greeting into our text-to-speech engine.

3. Visibility across products and services.

“Digital Pharmacist provides an all-encompassing platform for social media, website, and app management,” says Ashley Brehme, pharmacist and owner of Manchester, Iowa-based Brehme Drug.

Through their pharmacy dashboard, clients can see the reports and data in one place as well as exactly how their products are working for them. Digital marketing, refill information, and customer data are right at your fingertips. Instead of waiting for a monthly report to take action, you can see results in near real-time.

Here are a few examples of website metrics available to clients on the pharmacy dashboard:

  • Track user engagement through daily active unique users on your pharmacy website.
  • Select a single page or multiple pages to see the number of views for each one and which pages are getting more traffic over time.
  • Assess how many website visitors return week after week to a single page.

The pharmacy experience dashboard is the foundation of our digital engagement offerings, an all-in-one solution that promotes full visibility and integration. With a single platform to manage tools and maximize efficiency, you can attract new customers, increase efficiencies, and grow your business.

To learn more about how we can help transform your pharmacy, get in touch today.

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