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Last updated May 20, 2020 | Digital Pharmacist Products

The new version of the app focuses on patient adherence. For example, Refill reminders and Take Your Medication reminders are proven digital tools that encourage patient adherence and ultimately help you maintain strong Star Ratings.

Check out the key features of the new app:

Refill Reminders: Increase adherence and improve Star Ratings with built-in refill reminders. App users can now save a reminder after completing a refill to easily submit refills in the future.

Medication Reminders: Users can also set reminders for each medication they take so they never miss another dose. The customizable reminders can be set to one or multiple days of the week, and multiple times per day (no restriction on number).

Manufacturer Coupons: Help patients save with Co-Pay Coupons. The mobile app and your website will now automatically find and add coupons to a refill based on medication, dosage, and form. Users will have the option to remove the coupon if they don’t want to submit it, and submitted coupons will be saved to their “Co-Pay Coupons” section.

Improved Usability: In addition to creating new functionalities, we also made major improvements to the app’s usability and navigation. For example, the scan feature can now be turned on and off for your convenience.

Our newest improvements didn’t stop at the mobile app. We’ve also improved your website dashboard, including a much simpler login process. You can now easily reset your password, plus you can now login with Safari. Visit your dashboard to manage your app, newsletters, and see how many refills you are driving.

Version 7.0 will be deployed over the next few weeks after its release. To get your free upgrade to the new app, speak with a member of our success team at (877) 959-7550 or click here.

If you want to learn how you can leverage these new features and become a Digital Pharmacist, contact us now.

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