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Men’s Health Month at Your Pharmacy

Last updated May 31, 2023 | Pharmacy Management, Pharmacy Marketing

Men’s Health Month is upon us and we are thrilled to be raising awareness with you. The goal of this week is to focus on encouraging boys, men, and their families to practice and implement healthy living decisions, such as exercising and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Focusing on men’s health and raising awareness is imperative as we strive to keep our communities healthy. In today’s post, we will be discussing ways to promote men’s health and wellness at your pharmacy. 

Identify Age-Related Health Care Needs


Different age groups will have different needs so the goal would be to establish various categories to ensure that men of all ages are interested in your health-related events. For instance, teenage males and men in their 20s may be more likely to ask questions at the pharmacy about acne, sports nutrition, grooming, and smoking cessation. Whereas men in their 30s and 40s are more likely to inquire about coughs and colds, and painkillers. Men aged 50 years to 60 years are likely to come to the pharmacy for chronic health conditions or issues that impact their quality of life, such as digestive problems or pains and aches.

Be Proactive with Your Men’s Health Message 


What if men don’t frequently visit your pharmacy? Not a problem! Let’s be proactive with reaching them. Pharmacists could organize themselves into teams and visit avenues where men dominate, such as pubs, workplaces, and even sports events.

Display Men’s Health Merchandise & Signage 


 Let’s say a male customer visits the pharmacy for a specific reason and does not look past that purpose. As such, a man might come into your pharmacy for a prescription either for his partner or his children, but he will not look at anything else. So what can we do to still market health-benefiting products  and educate them during this time?

You can place products and signage near the area where customers wait in line to pay or speak to a pharmacist. While they are waiting, they can look at your men’s health education or browse for wellness products that they not have know about previously, or forgot they were in need of. 

Here are a few products to display that promote men’s wellness and self-care:

  • Multivitamins and supplements (Such as prostate health & digestive support)
  • Smoking cessation services
  • Shaving & grooming products
  • Hair loss treatments
  • Pain relief medications

Advocate for Men’s Health on Social Media


Through social media, the opportunities are endless in terms of the amount of people you can reach. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are excellent platforms for advocating for men’s health on a broader scale and potentially reaching new patients in the process. 

    Here are a few hashtags join to support various campaigns during Men’s Health Month this year:

     Men’s Health Month organization also offers a free  social media toolkit to help share and promote health tips for men on your social accounts. 

    If you need assistance with your pharmacy’s social media strategy, our digital marketing experts can help you get started!

    In Conclusion 

    Men’s Health Month is extremely important and we are thrilled your pharmacy is taking part in it. No matter the avenue you choose to take to educate and bring awareness to your patients, we know it will be impactful for those in your community and we’re here to support your efforts.

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