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First Look at 4,000 Patient Reviews

Last updated May 20, 2020 | Digital Pharmacist Products

Patients love their community pharmacists, according to four key performance criteria:

Rating Criteria        Community Pharmacy Score

Efficiency                       4.86 out of 5.00

Friendliness                  4.90 out of 5.00

Trust                               4.91 out of 5.00

Value                              4.87 out of 5.00  

When asked why they love their community pharmacy so much, patients overwhelmingly focus on five areas:

#1 Friendly staff; patients like that they are known by name.
#2 Knowledgeable and informative pharmacy teams.
#3 The mobile app and/or website allow for online refills any time.
#4 Community pharmacies offer convenient delivery services.
#5 The pharmacy team keeps an eye out for co-pay coupons, which help save the patient money.

Actual patient feedback:

“It’s my first time using the app and I’m really glad to see a refill reminder. With a busy schedule and a new baby, ordering medication will sometimes slip my mind!”

“New refill app is great, fast and efficient.”

“If the pharmacist has a coupon to help save me money they always use it. I appreciate that. It has saved me a lot of money over the past year.”

“They know my name.”

“Real humans work here.”

“Wonderful, caring people who go the extra mile to make sure scripts are correct; patients are advised concerning side effects and interactions; and doctors/clinics are contacted about issues or concerns.”

Several patients also commented that they like their community pharmacist because she or he is  “hot” or “handsome.”

While community pharmacies receive top ratings, patients would like to see further adoption of convenient digital solutions, many patients indicated that they would like to receive a text or email alert when their prescription is ready.

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