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Pharmacy Website Questions Answered

Last updated Jul 20, 2022 | Digital Pharmacist Products

Pharmacy website: you asked and we answered. Below are our top frequently asked questions regarding Digital Pharmacist pharmacy websites. 

Q: What content is included in my pharmacy website?

A: All of our websites come with most standard web pages found on most websites. These pages include home, about us, services and contact pages. We also include some advanced pages that are unique to Digital Pharmacist websites. These pages include refill, new patient transfer, mobile app, and health news pages.

However, if there is something you need added to your website that is specific to your pharmacy, give us a call. One of our Success Team members will be more than happy to discuss your options for getting it added to your website.  

Q: What if I want to completely customize my pharmacy website?

A: Customizing websites is our specialty. We would be happy to discuss any changes you have in mind for your website. Not all changes are possible but most are. Give us a call today to speak with a member of our Success Team and one of our team members will be more than happy to go over any edits or customizations you may have.

Q: How do I retrieve refills that patients submit from my website?

A: Where your refills go from the website and mobile app depends on how you are set up to receive those refills. We set up refill delivery in primarily two ways; one way is integration and the other is fax.

Integration is our recommended way to set up refill delivery. What integration means is that we will automatically input all refills coming in from the website and mobile app directly into your pharmacy management queue. We do this by interfacing with your pharmacy management system so that we can pass refills directly to it. We currently integrate with 50 major pharmacy management systems.

The other way we deliver refills is by fax. If your pharmacy is not integrated to receive refills directly into the queue, we can send them to your fax machine for you to process.      

Q: What do I do if I want to transfer the domain from my old pharmacy website? 

A: It is very possible that your old website hosting company is also hosting your domain. If this is the case, it is very common for website hosting companies to transfer domains to one another. Most of the time, this process is very simple. We, with your assistance, will place a request with the current holder of the domain to have that domain transferred. Once the domain transfer request is received by the current domain holder, they will create an EPP code so that we can transfer the domain anywhere you would like.

As for where to transfer the domain, there are two popular options. The first option is for the domain to be transferred to us so we can manage and host the domain on your behalf. The second option is for you to transfer the domain to yourself by setting up an account with a domain registrar. If you decide to transfer the domain to yourself, you will be in charge of changing the domain settings when it comes time to take the domain live. No need to worry though. When that time comes, our Success Team will be more than happy to walk you through the process of changing those settings to take your website live.   

Q: Do I have to buy the domain or can Digital Pharmacist buy the domain?

A: If you do not already have a domain for your pharmacy, we will be more than happy to purchase a non-premium domain as part of your subscription with us. However, if you already have a domain for your pharmacy, it is best to use that domain for your new website. Having multiple domains or websites can be confusing for patients and hurt your search engine optimization (SEO).

If you have any questions about domains, give us a call and one of our Success Team members will be more than happy to help.

Q: I have a domain, but I don’t know where it is registered. How can I find it?

A: The easiest way to find out where a domain is being hosted is by doing a WHOIS lookup. This type of lookup will give us information on who owns a domain and where they are housing that domain. Hopefully, if the domain is not set to private in some way, this will pull up the information we need right away.  

Many people don’t realize that a domain and a website are not the same and most of the time they are stored in two completely different places. So instead of looking for where your domain is hosted, we can help you run a search and find out where the domain is registered.

If you have any questions on your website, give us a call at (877) 959-7550 or email us at connect@digitalpharmacist.com.

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