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How Pink’s Pharmacy Offsets Lower Reimbursement Rates

Last updated Aug 17, 2020 | Pharmacy Management

This month, we spoke with Robert Schneiderman, RPh, owner of Pink’s Pharmacy in Mount Freedom, New Jersey, about why he chose SaveBigRx.com to help him keep up with the changing pharmacy landscape. Read his story below.

Considering the ever-changing pharmacy landscape, lower reimbursement rates and the fact that DIR fees are here to stay, it is more important than ever for independent pharmacists to find solutions and form partnerships that will help them overcome the challenges they face.

For Schneiderman, that meant partnering with SaveBigRx.com to help him save money and increase profits.

When we asked him what he believed was the most valuable aspect of joining SaveBigRx.com, he said, “The ability of getting products in real time; you can expect a 24-hour delivery date, as well as the ability to manipulate your inventory with SaveBigRx.com price-conscious pricing scheme.”

Partnering with SaveBigRx.com helps Schneiderman save and promotes the overall profitability of the pharmacy, he said. By partnering with SaveBigRx.com, Schneiderman saves several hundred dollars a month.

When we asked Schneiderman why he chose SaveBigRx.com, he said, “I analyzed SaveBig Rx’s pricing scheme and looked at the availability of the product line they had, and they had a more diverse product availability line.”

SaveBigRx.com, a turnkey pharmaceutical distributor, offers independent pharmacies a large selection of the most popular generic medications at discounts between 20 and 85 percent. With the focus on providing value to pharmacies, SaveBigRx.com provides unmatched discounts on short-dated and overstock drugs.

Sign up now and receive a $25 discount code on your first order. To take advantage of this limited-time offer, apply to SaveBigRx.com now. It only takes 20 seconds and it is free. Click here to apply.

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