Spotlight on New Mobile App Feature: Refill Reminders

Last week you read about how the Medication Reminders feature of of our new app is focused on improving patient medication adherence. But we didn’t stop there - we’ve also made refilling medication even easier for your patients.

Refill Reminders instantly pop up after your patient refills their medication in the app so they can easily submit their refill next time they need to. Then when it’s time, the refill reminder will send a notification to your patient’s phone at the time they specified. This way (like Medication Reminders), they don’t need to have the app open in order to receive their reminder.

Additionally, when a refill is completed, the refill process will automatically create the medication in the medication reminder list (just like we mentioned in the Medication Reminder spotlight). Your patients can then go back and select the medication and add a reminder to it.

We wanted to make the process of refilling as effortless as possible, so we’ve also optimized the refill page itself and made it possible to help your patients save money on their medications. During the refill process, the app will automatically find and identify any possible manufacturer co-pay coupons associated with that medication (but we’ll dive into that feature next week).

To get this new feature and your free upgrade to the new app, speak with a member of our success team at (877) 959-7550 or click here.

If you want to learn how you can leverage this feature and become a Digital Pharmacist, contact us now.

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