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Healthsite Revamp Boosts Compounding Pharmacy Traffic By 94%

Lakewood Ranch Pharmacy successfully promoted their compounding services and increased their web traffic by 94% redesigning their healthsite with Digital Pharmacist.
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Lakewood Ranch Pharmacy & Compounding Center has been serving the Lakewood Ranch, FL community since 2009. 

After 16 years of working at Publix Pharmacy, husband and wife team Kelly and Jerry Pireaux, both registered pharmacists (RPhs), decided to open the first independent family-owned and operated pharmacy in the area. In 2010, they saw a need for a compounding facility and expanded their offerings.

Today, Lakewood Ranch Pharmacy’s services include private consultations, compounding and pet compounding, medication adherence, medication therapy management, and immunizations. The pharmacy also offers durable medical equipment, personal protective supplies, and vitamins and supplements.

Lakewood Ranch Pharmacy has been a healthsite, mobile app, and digital marketing client of Digital Pharmacist since late 2018. Last year, the pharmacy began working with Digital Pharmacist to redesign their healthsite, leading to a significant increase in traffic, business, and online presence.

In the past year, Lakewood Ranch Pharmacy has seen:


increase in website sessions from 2019 to 2020


increase in digital refills from 2019 to 2020


increase in health newsletter signups since June 2019

“We needed to stand out more in order to be more competitive with other pharmacies in our area. We also wanted to add new features to the site and make sure our patients were aware of our new services. I’m very impressed with how quick the turnaround is [with Digital Pharmacist]. If we see something is working or not working, we can have it tweaked very quickly.”

At Digital Pharmacist, customers with existing healthsites can opt for a complimentary revamp if they want to choose a new template, add additional elements, or update their information. 

According to LuAnn Cathel, Supplemental Specialist, the Pireauxs wanted to stand out, noticing too many similarities between their healthsite and those of other local pharmacies. They also wanted to use the redesign to highlight their latest service offering: pharmaceutical grade vitamins and nutritional supplements.

One of the custom features Lakewood Ranch Pharmacy requested was the addition of an “Ask The Pharmacist” button on the healthsite’s homepage. The button allows patients to connect immediately with a pharmacist on staff and has helped increase business.

“We had an ‘Ask The Pharmacist’ where I previously worked, which generated a lot of new patients because people could ask a question and we’d answer it,” Cathel said. “And then they’re like, ‘OK, well, I’m going to go there’.”

Another key element they wanted to highlight was healthsite pharmacy reviews. Part of the redesign involved drawing more attention to testimonials and making it easier for patients to leave reviews. “We want to make sure that our reviews are new and fresh and people can see that,” Cathel said.

The updated healthsite is just one of the platforms Lakewood Ranch Pharmacy has used to promote their new vitamin and supplement service this past year. Their biggest digital marketing successes have included daily social media posts on Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn, customized health newsletters, and monthly drawings to win product prizes.

“We wanted to let them know we’re here and that we’re a little bit different than everyone else.”

Digital Pharmacist’s HIPAA-compliant branded healthsites help pharmacies create a personalized experience for online customers. With customizable templates, secure patient self-service and management, and a prescription refill tool, our solution integrates with over 70 pharmacy management systems. 

To learn more about how a branded healthsite can support your pharmacy’s growth, get in touch with us today.

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