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Data Features Increase Pharmacist Dashboard Sign-Ins By 300%

Digital Pharmacist clients are taking advantage of our digital reporting and analytics features, increasing pharmacy dashboard sign-ins by 300%.
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Digital Pharmacist helps pharmacies transform their businesses through our all-in-one digital engagement suite. Our proprietary pharmacy experience dashboard allows clients to manage their Digital Pharmacist products on a single platform. 

During COVID-19, we’ve seen a major increase in clients’ usage and adoption of dashboard features and tools, particularly those focused on data and metrics. By tracking their progress through the dashboard, clients can analyze the success of their marketing efforts and grow their business more effectively.

This year, we have seen:


more dashboard sign-ins


more IVR pageviews


more leads pageviews


more reports pageviews

Earlier this month, we launched a new dashboard feature at our clients’ request: a function allowing users to stay logged in for longer periods. Within a week, usage of our new Session Extension feature expanded to over 1,600 users. 

Graph showing the usage of our new Session Extension feature

Some of the feedback we received after the feature announcement:

“THANKS!! This is what I asked for last month. WELL DONE :)” – Cheryl from Quality Drug 

“That is great news.” – HHCS Pharmacy 

“This is awesome! Thank you.” Mike from Medicine Shoppe Camillus, NY

“AWESOME!” – Laks from Bridgeport Pharmacy

“Omgoodness yes! The extended time on Digital Pharmacist is very helpful. It has made the use of that application easier and more conducive with our workload and day. Thank you so much!” – Carolina Pharmacy 

Our pharmacy experience dashboard integrates all major Digital Pharmacist digital engagement tools, from IVR and secure 2-way messaging to the healthsite, mobile app, and digital marketing. Compatible pharmacy management systems can also be integrated, giving clients a 360-degree view of their Digital Pharmacist products from the dashboard. 

Here is a summary of our other major dashboard analytics features and how clients have been using them this year. 


One of the most basic statistics we track, this tells us how many unique users are signing in and using the dashboard. Overall, we’ve seen client sign-ins increase by  300% from January through May this year.

Graph showing the number of unique sign ins to the dashboard is trending up.

IVR Pageviews 

Another metric we commonly use is pageviews, to see who’s looking where in the dashboard. The IVR pages highlighted below tell a clear story of consistent usage. For example, voicemail pageviews, which show how often clients check their IVR voicemails, have increased over 300% since February.

Graph showing total number of pageviews for pages related to our IVR product.

Leads Pageviews

Digital Pharmacist’s lead tracking tool helps pharmacists keep up with potential new business by tracking lead calls from different marketing efforts. Between January and the end of May, pageviews increased overall by 205%, with a definite peak in late April and May. This volatility suggests pharmacies have focused more on meeting current patient needs than seeking new patients during COVID-19. 

Graph showing the total pageviews to leads pages.

Digital Marketing Dashboard

A recent addition in late March, the digital marketing dashboard shows Facebook ad campaign activity and metrics, including demographics and ad clicks. Similar to the leads page above, digital marketing dashboard activity has been more varied, with a 136% increase of views in mid-April.

Screenshot of what the digital marketing dashboard looks like for customers.

Reports Page

The reports page displays an overview of all available data and is updated constantly. It includes reports for refills, IVR refills and calls, mobile downloads, healthsite traffic, digital marketing stats, digital transfers and active patients, and secure 2-way messaging. Our newest version of the reports page went live in early February and saw usage rise by over 530% by mid-May. The stable growth of users (shown below) suggests that Digital Pharmacist clients have begun to recognize the importance of consistently tracking business data.

Graph showing the number of pageviews to the reports page since it launched in February.

Refill Digest

The refill digest page gives pharmacy clients an overview of new prescription requests coming into the pharmacy via web, mobile, and IVR channels. Since early February, this feature has had a steady uptick in users with close to 350% growth in May. The regularity in usage shows that pharmacies are beginning to make digital reporting tools part of their workflow and are finding value in tracking the data. 

Graph of the refill digest pageviews.

Learn more about our integrated digital tools and how tracking data and metrics can help you build your pharmacy business by getting in touch with us today.

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