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Digital Pharmacist’s IVR Brings Jones Drug Store Quick Results

For one of our newest IVR clients, Digital Pharmacist’s flexibility and support during their IVR system setup is making all the difference.
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Jones Drug Store has been serving the Jackson, MO community for nearly 150 years. Co-owner Brian Thompson, RPh, plans to continue the tradition and calls his daily interactions with local customers his favorite part of the job. After 30 years of working in pharmacy, Brian joined business partner Bryan Kiefer to become co-owner of Jones Drug and several other stores in the area.

Between February and March 2020, Digital Pharmacist saw:


Increase in inbound phone calls


Increase in prescription refills


Visual Voicemail Views

“We’ve just switched over to Digital Pharmacist a couple of weeks ago and I’m already amazed at the difference between them and our old IVR system. We’ve had some hiccups as you always do with a new system, but they have fixed every one of them in a fast and friendly manner. Would I recommend them? Heck yes, I would! Their social media ads, feedback from our customers, and fast response time with our questions and problems are unparalleled.”

Brian Thompson

One of the methods Brian has tried recently to streamline communication for Jackson patients is updating their IVR system. According to him, they had tested a few options before coming to Digital Pharmacist, but those didn’t end up working well for the pharmacy or giving their customers a good experience. Brian said it “made sense” to get in touch with us, so much so that he ended up signing on for a branded healthsite and mobile app as well as our IVR system.

He particularly appreciated Digital Pharmacist’s accessibility and communication as our team helped him work through the transition. Brian hopes that once the COVID-19 situation stabilizes, he’ll be able to invest more time in helping older patients make the transition to the newer technology.

At Digital Pharmacist, we understand that support response time and requests can be a big pain point for pharmacies and we strive to maintain a high standard. Our Average Speed to Answer (ASA) of 24 seconds (Q1 2020) and 52 perfect surveys on agent satisfaction (Q1 2020) are just a few examples of our commitment to operational excellence.

Pharmacies using Digital Pharmacist products to support business growth have seen record-breaking levels of patient engagement. In 2019, we logged 14.5 million IVR calls and helped clients process over 5.7 million prescription refills on our IVR platform alone. Between February and March this year, inbound phone calls grew 131% and prescription refills increased by 120%. Clients also took advantage of their pharmacy dashboard visual voicemail to quickly scan and manage incoming messages, using this feature almost 50,000 times in April alone.



To learn more about how IVR can support the growth of your pharmacy business and boost patient engagement, get in touch with us today.

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