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Facebook Ads Help Pharmacy Build Online Presence

Digital Pharmacist’s digital marketing package has helped Jackson-Pace Pharmacy achieve over 104,000 ad impressions in 8 months.
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Jackson-Pace Pharmacy is a specialty compounding pharmacy based in Pensacola, Florida. Since 1981, they’ve not only been serving communities in their local area but also across the border in Alabama. Their custom services for patients and providers include non-sterile, veterinary, and pain compounds and hormone replacement therapy.

A long-time Digital Pharmacist client, family-run Jackson-Pace has been using our branded healthsite and mobile app since 2015. In 2017, they signed up for our digital marketing package.

“The quality of service you can provide as an independent pharmacy vs. a big box store is far superior, and that’s an independent pharmacist’s greatest strength,” said pharmacist and owner’s son Alex Jackson, Pharm.D. “To leverage that strength, Jackson-Pace has invested in social media and a strong digital presence.”

Between January and August 2020, Jackson-Pace has seen:


Facebook ad impressions



Average monthly ad link clicks


Ad engagements

“Using social media to reach people is essential and much easier to manage when we can use Digital Pharmacist’s service to do it for us and update our customer base regularly.”

Jackson-Pace’s Facebook ads have gained over 104,000 impressions, 2,368 engagements and over 200 average monthly link clicks in 8 months. “That’s something that the big chains can’t do,” Jackson said. “People using Google and Facebook are discovering us and we are getting 10-20 likes per week.” The pharmacy’s Facebook page currently has over 2,000 followers.

Digital Pharmacist’s digital marketing package has helped Jackson-Pace stand out in their local market. “It wasn’t something we were focused on until we realized how critical it was to reach people,” Jackson said. “I think people spend something like 40 minutes a day on social media. It’s become habitual and it’s more than just socializing. It’s where people get news and information now, as well as learn about local businesses.”

Along with Facebook ads, the pharmacy healthsite and mobile app have also been great for building Jackson-Pace’s online presence and increasing business. “We are seeing up to 50 refills per day and that number continues to grow as patients learn how easy and convenient it is. It certainly has sped things up in the pharmacy as well. People aren’t on the telephone as much, which gives our pharmacists and technicians additional time to discuss more pertinent things with patients.”

Digital Pharmacists has helped connect thousands of pharmacies and patients during COVID-19. In Q2, our clients saw over 83 million digital marketing impressions. Our program combines email marketing and Facebook ad support with expert reputation management and virtual health content. 


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