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Healthsite Increases Pharmacy’s Refills and Vaccinations During COVID-19

With Digital Pharmacist’s healthsite, Michelle’s Pharmacy has been able to increase online refills by 136% and promote their immunization services during COVID-19.
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Michelle Dyer aims to go “above and beyond” meeting customer needs with Michelle’s Pharmacy, her chain of three pharmacy locations in Carlinville, Gillespie, and Bunker Hill, IL.

After purchasing two pharmacies in historical districts in 2008 and 2009, Dyer opened her third store, a remote dispensing facility, in late 2016. The pharmacy chain serves largely elderly communities in small rural towns, some of which hadn’t had a local pharmacy to go to for some time. “And when I say small, I mean the biggest town there has about 6,500 people and the other two communities where we’re located are even smaller,” said Dyer.

Michelle’s Pharmacy combines retail services with long-term care and disease statement management. Services include prescriptions, compounding, immunizations, medication therapy management, diabetic services, and durable medical equipment. The locations also offer a gift shop, free delivery, and on-location medical clinics.

Dyer first signed up as a healthsite customer in May 2016, adding the pharmacy mobile app six months later in March 2017. This year, Michelle’s Pharmacy has experienced significant growth in their online presence and business.

Between 2019 and 2020, Michelle’s Pharmacy has seen:


increase in healthsite prescription refills


increase in healthsite visitors


more healthsite visits in Q3 2020 than Q3 2019

“I think most people go on our healthsite to find our phone number, address, or hours. Digital Pharmacist makes the site uncomplicated and easy to use. It’s bright, looks good, and our patients can always find the information they need on it.”
Along with the increase in visitors and online refills, Dyer reports that the healthsite has become an important part of connecting with patients during COVID-19. Not only has their online presence gained traction this year, but it’s also allowed her team to innovate and adopt new practices for their popular immunization services.

“With many of our patients, that’s the only thing that they come for. They don’t get their normal prescriptions, but year after year, they come to us to get their flu vaccines,” said Dyer. 

While Michelle’s Pharmacy typically serves seniors aged 65 and older, they’ve begun targeting younger patients with comorbidities like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and asthma. The pandemic has also created a greater demand for other immunizations, like the pneumonia vaccine.

Their pharmacy healthsite has helped the team promote vaccinations, making it easy to add a blurb to their homepage and an immunizations service page with FAQs and seasonal information. Patients can download and print an electronic form straight from the healthsite, reducing time spent in the pharmacy to keep at-risk patients safe. 

This year, Dyer and her team have also been able to promote their on-location clinic service for vaccinations, administering flu shots at local businesses. “There’s one company where I usually do about 70 vaccines,” said Dyer. “They’re a computer programming company and most of them are off-site, so instead of having them come by the pharmacy to get vaccinated, I went to them.”

“At some point, I hope we’ll be able to offer a COVID-19 vaccine, but until then, we’ll just keep trying to boost the immunity of our patients.”

Digital Pharmacist’s branded healthsite gives pharmacies the tools they need to create a personalized online customer experience. Our HIPAA-compliant solution offers customizable templates, secure patient self-service and management, and a prescription refill tool, integrating with over 70 pharmacy management systems. 

Learn more about how our branded healthsite can transform your pharmacy by getting in touch today.

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