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5-Day Ad Campaign Brings 80+ Customers For Valentine’s

Digital Pharmacist helped Hartzell’s Pharmacy launch a Valentine’s Day promotion which brought over 80 customers in 5 days.
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Based in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania, Hartzell’s Pharmacy has been an independent, family-owned business since 1968. The retail pharmacy offers a one-stop service for medical and healthcare needs, including immunizations, medical equipment, therapeutic supplies, and a gift department. 

Hartzell’s has been a Digital Pharmacist website, mobile app, and digital marketing client since September 2016. When marketing manager Kerri Puskar decided to create a special in-store promotion for Valentine’s Day, she turned to our team to help launch and promote it.

The creative ad was a simple heart with a coupon for $5 off any over-the-counter purchase worth more than $10, valid from its launch on February 9 only through the 14th. With the single, 5-day digital marketing campaign, Hartzell’s ad drew over 80 customers to the store to make a purchase.

With this campaign, Hartzell’s Pharmacy saw:






Customers coming in to use in-store promotion

 “Lots of people said they heard about the promotion through Facebook.”

Hartzell’s Pharmacy already follows an annual promotional calendar, so staff knew to prepare for an influx of seasonal customers. “We typically run promotions around holidays to take advantage of an easy marketing opportunity and push particular products,” Puskar said. 

Puskar worked with the team at Digital Pharmacist to display the promotion on Hartzell’s website, mobile app, email newsletter, and Facebook feed. She also used some of her digital marketing dollars to boost her campaign, specifically targeting women over 60 within 10 miles of her store.

The promotion was highlighted during the company’s daily floor meetings. Puskar put copies of the ad on the counter and sent out emails to staff to remind everyone it was “on”.

More than 80 customers came into the store asking about the promotion that they had seen online. “Lots of people said they heard about the promotion through Facebook,” Puskar said.

Digital Pharmacist has helped thousands of pharmacies around the country promote their businesses and attract new customers. Our digital marketing program offers paid advertising and social media support, email marketing, reputation management, and a growing database of wellness content.

Get in touch with us to learn about how digital marketing can boost your seasonal promotions and increase your business.

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