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Lafayette Pharmacy Hit a Home Run With Their Recent Facebook Post

Lafayette Pharmacy’s work with Digital Pharmacist got them 500 likes, 16 shares, 15 comments, and dozens of mobile app downloads with a single Facebook post.
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Lafayette Pharmacy’s most recent Facebook post made waves online, resulting in tons of positive feedback and mobile app downloads.

Pharmacists Jimmy Glover, RPh and B.J. Clendenin, PharmD, knew the importance of keeping up with technology and going digital was a no-brainer. Located in Lafayette, Tennessee, their mission is providing their community with old-fashioned customer service coupled with today’s modern technology. 

Alongside specialty services like long-term care and multi-dose packaging, the retail pharmacy features a small gift shop selling cards, toys, and candles. They also sell hair care and grooming products, cosmetics, and school supplies. 

Since going digital in August of 2017, they now can meet their patients where they are — via web, app, text, email, and social media.

On one post, Lafayette Pharmacy received​:







“The ability to refill online is the biggest thing patients like about the app. With our app and website, we save significant time. We spend less time checking the phone for refills and patients are no longer having to wait on their medicine.” 

— Dr. B.J. Clendenin

While the pharmacy was still under construction, Glover and Clendenin started a business Facebook page to keep their future patients updated. They posted pictures of the construction site, shared upcoming offerings and staff news, and announced the pharmacy’s grand opening. Lafayette Pharmacy finally opened its doors in December 2017 to an enthusiastic community excited to reconnect with local staff.

Then last month, the pharmacy showed another great example of how online marketing can make a difference to a business’s bottom line with their recent Facebook post. 

They didn’t hire additional staff or a marketing person, nor did they pay for a radio or newspaper ad. Instead, they began to utilize Digital Pharmacist’s digital marketing product to boost their efforts.

Lafayette staff worked with Digital Pharmacist to create Facebook content that would promote their new mobile app offering. The post, published on July 23, featured a photo of Lafayette pharmacy staff and invited patients to download the new mobile app.

Immediately after the post went live, they were blown away by the response, which included hundreds of likes and dozens of shares and comments.

Everyone who commented raved about how much they loved the staff, the pharmacy, and their great service:

“The chain pharmacies should take notes. This is a real pharmacy!!!!!”

“Jimmy being there makes my mind that we’ll shop there first. Gotta love ole Jimmy Glover.”

“I can’t say enough about these wonderful people!! They are more like family. Thank you all.”

The post even generated interest among potential customers. One person commented, “Where is this pharmacy located at because I would like to check them out.” Lafayette Pharmacy also received half of their July mobile app downloads as a direct result of this single post.

For help marketing your pharmacy, give us a call at 877-959-7550 or contact us today. 

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